ZMA – composition, opinions, effects

ZMA is a supplement with a simple composition. It is a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. It helps to maintain the proper level of testosterone, insulin and growth hormone. For the purposes of this article, we check reviews, describe the effects of ZMA. You will find out whether this dietary supplement will actually increase your strength and muscle mass. Get to know the composition, opinions, ZMA effects!


ZMA dosage

Supplement manufacturers recommend that you take 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed on an empty stomach. The most common dose is one capsule. Sometimes ZMA dosing is more than one capsule (eg ZMA Orginal), so always check the information carefully on the label. When you take other supplements, note the calcium contained in them. Taking calcium in one dose with zinc may inhibit the absorption of zinc and thus weaken the effect of the supplement.


ZMA action

All three components are important, biologically active components of the body. It is worth knowing the benefits of using this supplement. The operation of ZMA means a number of benefits for the body.


Magnesium is a mineral that has many important functions

It allows proper conduction of nerve impulses.

It allows the muscles to work properly.

Prevents uncontrolled and painful muscle cramps.

It allows the proper functioning of the nervous system.

It allows for proper bone mineralization.


Zinc is also an important component of this supplement

It is used, among others in the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids.

It controls muscle contraction.

Participates in the creation of insulin.

It plays a key role in maintaining the acid-base balance.

It affects the work of the prostate and reproductive organs.

Participates in the production of testosterone.

It has a positive effect on the process of muscle growth.


Vitamin B6 has the following functions

It affects the metabolism of proteins.

Participates in the transformation of amino acids.

It allows the use of carbohydrates and proteins as energy.

Responsible for the energy reserves of the body.

Takes part in the synthesis of numerous enzymes and hormones.

It counteracts fatigue


ZMA’s action is therefore a resultant of the action of these three components. Of course, detailed research was also conducted on the operation of ZMA itself.


The effects of ZMA

Research on the operation of ZMA was carried out for the first time in 1998. A group of American football players was examined. During the 8 weeks, the research group had to discontinue any other nutrients. People taking ZMA showed a significant increase in muscle strength.

In 2004, another significant study on ZMA was carried out. 42 men who trained in strength did not feel the effects of ZMA. There is no increase in testosterone, IGF-1 or growth hormone.

Another study conducted on 160 athletes. At the beginning of the study, 23% of men and 43% of women showed low levels of zinc. The use of ZMA allowed to overcome mineral deficiencies and improve overall health. It also had an effect on improving endurance during exercise.

It can therefore be concluded that the action of ZMA makes sense in the case of deficiencies of magnesium, zinc or vitamin B6. It is also justified in the case of strength sports. However, it is not important in endurance athletes.


ZMA reviews

Most often ZMA has good opinions among the users. The most often indicated effect in opinions is the improvement of night regeneration. The product allows you to fall asleep easier and help you wake up rested. As you know, night is the time when muscles grow. For this reason, if you have problems falling asleep, you can check how this preparation will work on your body. We also recommend it for people who want to supplement deficiencies of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.