Yogurt diet rules and effects

Yogurt diet is a two-week slimming diet, thanks to which you can lose weight up to 6 kilograms in 14 days. The basis of this slimming diet are yoghurts containing live cultures of natural and fruit bacteria, skimmed and with normal fat content.


Yogurt diet is a two-week slimming diet based on dairy products, yogurt and kefir Buttermilk is not recommended because of the higher fat and carbohydrate content than yogurt and kefir. The yogurt diet allows you to consume kefir and yogurt not only as part of your main meals, but also as snacks.

Yogurt diet rules

The yogurt diet is based on yoghurts and kefirs, ie fermented dairy products that have numerous health properties.

In addition to numerous vitamins and minerals, yogurt is rich in probiotic bacteria (probiotics), which have numerous health properties, including support immunity and digestive system function. When buying yogu rt, you should pay attention to the amount of beneficial microflora, their freshness and expiration date (the closer to expiry, the less probiotic bacteria in yogurt) and whether the lid is not convex (when it is, it means the development of harmful microflora ).

The fermentation process of yogurt produces lactic acid, which also accelerates intestinal peristalsis by secreting saliva and stimulating the secretion of digestive juices. 2 It also prevents diarrhea, has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal microflora, reduces the symptoms of lactose intolerance, supports the immune system and prevents the occurrence of osteoporosis through increased absorption of calcium and phosphorus. 1

While on a yogurt diet, it is best to reach for natural yogurt, containing as natural sugar lactose, and not enriched with any artificial substances. Fruit yoghurts available in stores are not recommended, because in most cases their taste, smell and color do not result from the fruit content, but from dyes (artificial or real) as well as natural flavors. However, the sweetness of these yoghurts is mainly due to the addition of sugar or sweeteners.

The yogurt menu also includes kefir, which, although less nutritious than yogurt, also has a positive effect on intestinal motility and on the secretion of bile and digestive juices.

Yogurt contains probiotics, which are very beneficial for our body!
Yogurt contains probiotics, which are very beneficial for our body!

Yogurt diet, except for yoghurts and kefirs, allows you to eat almost anything. All fruit, even bananas or grapes, are allowed on your plate. You can also eat vegetables. The menu in the yogurt diet should also include muesli, oat and corn flakes, whole wheat bread and lean meat. You should drink at least 1.5 liters of mineral water a day.

Yogurt diet advantages

A Two-week slimming diet based on yogurt and kefir is considered by many specialists to be one of the healthiest and most effective. Due to the variety of products allowed, it is rich in nutrients (especially in vitamins, phosphorus and calcium as well as easily absorbed protein). Only a small percentage of people who used a yogurt diet complain about the yo-yo effect.

 Yogurt diet flaws

The yogurt diet has one big disadvantage – it is not a cheap diet, and a slightly smaller disadvantage – it can be monotonous. When it comes to costs – you can comfort yourself that it \\ \’s only two weeks, and you can win with monotony if you take the time to plan your daily menu – apart from yogurt you have quite a lot of products to choose from.

Yogurt diet is not recommended for people who have problems with protein metabolism and complain of ailments resulting from improper kidney function. Even if you do not belong to any of these groups, consult the decision to start a yogurt diet with your doctor who will assess whether your body will tolerate such a dose of protein.