WPC – everything about whey protein concentrate

Sports supplementation is an element of the diet, which is now quite extensive.Athletes use all forms of diet support, which will translate into its effectiveness.An appropriately balanced diet, which is additionally supplemented with carefully selected supplementation, allows you to gain a significant advantage, compared to people who do not have a diet.

One of the ways of nutritional support is to use a whey protein concentrate, a popular WPC. WPC is an English-language abbreviation for \ whey protein concentrate, which stands for whey protein concentrate.

Protein supplements for athletes are mainly based on whey proteins, because they are considered to be one of the best sources of wholesome proteins.For this reason, active people as well as athletes are willing to reach for it.Due to the fact that they are rich in exogenous amino acids and BCAA, they are used during periods of building muscle mass as well as during the reduction.

How much protein do we need during the day?

The amount of protein to be delivered within 24 hours begins with 1 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight during the day.1 g are usually provided by non-training people who are simply professionally active.In contrast, physical exercise, which is strength training, will additionally force the person training, to provide more protein.Here, usually the amount of 2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weightis the optimal value. This amount allows you to regularly load muscle mass through strength training, as well as its effective regeneration and restoration.

It should be noted that athletes should focus their efforts on using those proteins that contain the highest amount of essential amino acids.EAA amino acids (exogenous amino acids) are characterized by the fact that they can not be produced by our body, and it is necessary to deliver them to the body from the outside. What’s more, we must remember that the popular BCAA amino acids are just amino acids from the exogenous group.Isoleucine, valine, leucine, forming a group of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), are used by our body in a specific way.Their metabolism takes place in muscle tissue, which is why they are a very important element of the athlete’s daily diet. BCAAs show a number of activities that affect the increase of anabolism in our body, which is additionally associated with the inhibition of catabolic action.They are therefore an excellent element supporting the growth of muscle mass and a supplement that will protect muscles from their breakdown.

Where do athletes get protein from?

Typically, the diet of athletes abounds in meat products as well as meat products, which are a source of wholesome protein.Here the poultry reigns, which contains a significant amount of protein, and a reduced amount of fats and carbohydrates.Beef is used again, which is considered to be a highly available source of protein and rich in a number of amino acids EAA.Athletes are less likely to use pork, however, it is on the plates especially for those who use a larger supply of fat.An important element of the diet of athletes are also fish.Fish have easily digestible meat, so the concentration of amino acids in the bloodstream during their consumption is fast.What’s more, fish abound in omega 3 fatty acids, which are a valuable source of fatty acids for the body that care for the body’s health-promoting sheath.

Whey 100

We should also not forget about the addition of eggs and dairy products.Eggs have a standard amino acid profile, which means they are a complete source of protein.

In the diet of people who train regularly, there is also a protein supplement.Its role in the sportsman’s diet is quite obvious and consists in providing high quality proteins with the minimum participation of other macroelements.Here the most common choice falls on WPC, WPI or concentrate and isolate whey protein.

What is the use of protein supplement?

Each trainer has a diet menu in a certain way.The diets included in the diet are divided into individual amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.Protein supplement is aimed at supplementing protein deficiencies in the diet, i.e. providing this macronutrient in the form of a nutrient.

The amount of protein in the diet depends mainly on the height, weight, age or degree of activity.Proper protein supply will therefore affect the growth of muscle mass as well as other tissues of our body.We must know that proteins form very important structures in our body, such as DNA.

As we can see, understanding the desirability of using whey protein in the diet of the trainer is not difficult.The main purpose of using WPC is to provide a concentrated source of protein that will take care of the daily supply of proteins in the diet.Whey protein is the element that will make diet compliance easier.

Protein supplement and building muscle mass

If our goal is to build muscle mass, our actions should focus on choosing the right type of dietary supplements as well as the nutrient shell, or protein.WPC is a great way to not only follow the principles of our diet, but it is also an emergency option when it turns out that we have to eat something quickly. Just a little water, and after 2 minutes we have a ready protein shake that will provide us with wholesome proteins.

Whey Protein Complex 100%

During the period of building muscle mass, trainers usually use type proteins

WPC whey protein, or our hero of the article.It is a protein with an amino acid concentration of 80% of nutrient content.The proteins contained in the product are full-blown, have a full amino acid profile and are a rich source of essential amino acids.Thanks to fast digestion, and hence fast concentration of amino acids in the blood, they are used mainly in the morning and in the post-workout period.

a mix of WPC whey protein with micellar casein.The combination of protein with fast digestion kinetics with free casein protein based on casein is designed to slow down the use of whey proteins by our body.This type of treatment makes the mixture suitable for use during the day, as a supplement to the daily diet, but also during the last meal at bedtime.This type of combination causes the gradual release of amino acids into the blood, which makes the body receives a constant supply of building components during the day and at night.

WPC whey protein mix with vegetable proteins.Here, the procedure of combining sources of vegetable and animal proteins is mainly of an economic nature.This means that the addition of vegetable proteins to animal proteins is designed to reduce the price of the nutrient itself, which increases its availability on the market.There are many opinions that vegetable proteins are those proteins that have a poor amino acid profile that can not be used by athletes.However, it should be noted that the combination of animal proteins with a small share of vegetable proteins results in the amino acid profile being supplemented.Therefore, the use of mixtures of WPC and vegetable proteins is not without sense.

Is WPC suitable during weight loss?

Sometimes we meet with questions about whether protein supplement can be used during the period of body fat reduction.The question is asked mainly by women who are afraid of the anabolic supplement and excessive musculature.However, there is nothing to be afraid of.WPC, as a nutrient with a significant amount of exogenous amino acids, is also suitable when reducing body fat.Due to the fact that it is rich in amino acids, BCAA will be an excellent element protecting muscle mass against catabolic actions.What’s more, WPC can be used as a perinatal support, providing the body with a fast form of proteins.There is one more important advantage to be mentioned.WPC protein has a low content of carbohydrates and fats.This means that by using a WPC protein supplement we only supply proteins without disturbing the concept of our diet.

What are the benefits of using WPC?

  • provides us with high doses of BCAA amino acids,
  • completes wholesome proteins in the diet,
  • we provide only highly concentrated proteins without carbohydrates and fats,
  • stimulates the growth of muscle mass,
  • protects muscles against catabolism,
  • stimulates the amount of glutathione responsible for protection against oxidative activities,
  • participates in regenerative processes.

How do I dose the WPC protein?

The use of protein supplement will depend primarily on how much protein we lack in the diet and at what time of the day we want to eat it.Usually, two periods are mentioned in the context of supplementation.Morning and time after strength training.In the morning, our body is exposed to catabolism, hence the use of WPC nutrient is to protect us from its destructive influence.In turn, during the post-workout period, we are in a specific state of the anabolic window.This means that our body is at this time more effective in the use of nutrients for building and regeneration.The adoption of protein supplement during this time accelerates the regeneration and stimulates the process of building muscle mass.If you want this activity to be meaningful and complete, take about 40 g WPC per serving.This is the amount containing the appropriate dose of leucine, which will ensure that our muscles work as it should.


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