WPC 80 – benefits, dosage and application

The use of proteins in the diet of active people is experiencing its renaissance.Apart from typical sports issues, proteins are added to yoghurts, milk and chocolate bars.We will even meet high-protein bread.People’s awareness increases as to the share of proteins in the diet and their values, so the demand for raw material of this type is also increased.However, a properly balanced diet requires the use of not only strictly nutritional products, such as conventional foods.

The trainers also use protein supplements to facilitate the diet.One of the products that we often find in the supplementation market is WPC 80. It is a whey protein concentrate that is made from proteins contained in milk.

Athletes are eager to use proteins of milk origin, such as whey proteins, due to their special properties.All due to the content of BCAA amino acids. BCAAs belong to a special group of amino acids, which are called branched chain amino acids.Their unique significance lies in the fact that they are metabolized in muscle tissue, which results in a number of interesting properties.

How much protein do we need during the day?

The fact of how much we should eat proteins depends primarily on whether we are training with strength and whether we undertake other physical activities related to sporting.People who do not practice, do not play sport in an amateur or professional way, should eat a minimum of 1 g of protein per 1kg of body weight per day.This is the amount that ensures the maintenance of homeostasis in our body, so that all systems function at the optimal level.

However, when we undertake physical activity, the value of the protein consumed increases twice.This means that trainers should take 2 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight per day.

Athletes, arranging a menu, first of all should focus on providing those proteins that will ensure an adequate level of essential amino acids.This means that the diet should have animal proteins that abound in EAA-type amino acids. They are amino acids, which our body is unable to produce itself, so their proper consumption will determine the training effects.What’s more, in the EAA amino acid group, BCAA branched chain amino acids are included, which, as mentioned before, have a number of properties that support physical effort.When we drink a protein supplement, it is digested, and the concentration of BCAA in the muscle tissue increases.It is this moment that allows us to use the unique properties of whey protein for training.

Where do athletes get protein from?

The diet of weight training people usually relies on meat sources.When we look at the diet in detail, we notice that athletes use considerable amounts of poultry.Meat such as chicken breast or turkey provide mainly proteins with a small proportion of carbohydrates or fats. Subsequently, the trainers use lean pork and beef.To provide a number of amino acids from various sources, it is also necessary to use eggs and dairy products.Diversified sources of protein in the diet will be an opportunity to provide our body with a complete set of amino acids, which will be even more effective than using only one form of food.We must also remember about fish, which will not only be a source of high quality protein, but are also rich in healthy fats that are essential for our health.

What is the use of protein supplement?

The use of protein supplement in the diet of athletes is of special importance.First of all, it is an element of the diet that allows you to quickly deliver the protein when you need it.Proteins contained in the form of conditioner are easy to prepare, so in emergency situations we can easily use our favorite flavored protein to provide essential amino acids to the body.What’s more, WPC is devoid of fat and carbohydrates, so we only supply protein to the body.This is of great importance in the context of maintaining the proportion of the diet.

The amount of conditioner that we should use will depend on body weight, height, age and activity level.This means that people with a higher proportion of proteins in the diet can use a larger amount of protein in the form of a nutrient.The right amount of protein will affect the growth of muscle mass and maintain the proper condition of other tissues of our body.Interestingly, proteins form the basic DNA structures of our body, so their proper dietary supply should be our priority.

Protein Pudding

Protein supplement and building muscle mass

Building muscle mass is a process that requires stimulating anabolism in our body so that it can accumulate the protein consumed in the form of new muscle fibers.The training is the moment of initiation for the formation of muscles, but we must remember that during rest the muscles grow when we supply the right amount of protein.Therefore, to help build muscle mass, the protein in the form of WPC is used.The use of nutrients is also an excellent option to quickly deliver proteins to the body or supplement them in an emergency situation if we do not have anything that is a source of protein to eat.

To help build muscle mass, we usually use

WPC 80 – a classic concentrate of whey proteins – is an ideal option for people who want to help build muscle mass, but not only. WPC is fast digestible, and the absorption of the protein itself is very fast, hence the level of amino acids in our body remains high.The classic protein contains 80% of proteins per 100 g of the supplement, so it is an excellent option to keep the protein level at the right level.Classic WPC also has a strong anti-catabolic potential, which is why it is a good option to protect muscles from the effects of muscle catabolism.

WPC with the addition of casein protein – this type of protein blends are designed not only to provide high quality proteins to our body, but also to extend the release time of proteins.Casein proteins are characterized by the fact that they are gradually digested, and thus they will gradually release amino acids in our bodies.These types of mixtures are an excellent option to use during the day or at bedtime to protect our body during sleep.

WPC with the addition of vegetable proteins – the use of vegetable supplement, primarily to lower the price of the supplement so that people with a smaller budget for nutrients could also support their diet with proteins.Sometimes we get opinions that vegetable proteins are those proteins whose use in the diet is an inferior option, because of the more poor composition of amino acids.However, when we use a mixture of vegetable proteins with animal proteins, the aminograms complement each other and then a small addition of vegetable protein should not cause a worse effect on our body.Only people who are allergic to, for example, gluten, must pay attention to whether the protein has no added wheat protein hydrolyzate.

Is WPC suitable during weight loss?

As the whey protein abounds in exogenous amino acids, i.e. it contains a significant amount of BCAA amino acids, it is also suitable for use during the slimming period.The WPC protein has anti-catabolic action that protects muscles from disintegration.What’s more, WPC 80 is a protein that has a small amount of carbohydrates and fats, hence the use of this type of nutrient during reduction will not disturb our diet.WPC can also be used successfully during weight loss / reduction.

WPC 80 Standard

What are the benefits of using WPC?

  • has a significant amount of BCAA,
  • is a source of wholesome proteins,
  • has a low content of carbohydrates and fats,
  • supports the growth of muscle mass,
  • protects muscles from disintegration,
  • supports immunity by stimulating the production of glutathione,
  • supports regeneration.

How to dose protein?

When using the WPC protein, we must know that what counts is also how much protein we use per serving.The right amount of protein must contain the amount of leucine that will support our metabolism.This type of phenomenon is called the leucine threshold.To meet the leucine threshold conditions, it is necessary to use approximately 40 g of protein.This type of dietary supplement will ensure that we maintain anabolism at a high level and protect muscle tissue.

We must remember additionally at specific times of the day in which we use a protein supplement.It is the time of the morning as well as after the training.In the morning, the use of protein supplement is designed to quickly deliver amino acids to the bloodstream.This type of action effectively inhibits catabolic processes and will increase the level of anabolism.After training, however, when our metabolism is in the so-calledan anabolic window, the use of fast-digestible proteins is designed to quickly increase the level of amino acids, which effectively launches regenerative processes and will support the growth of muscles


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