Why should not you drink coffee just after waking up?

Little black or with milk? Regardless of which coffee you prefer, better wait with her until 10:00.

Advice for coffee lovers who start their day with a cup of coffee, take your time – it’s best to reach for coffee between 9.30 am and 11.30 am The best time is 10.30 am

The optimal time to drink the morning coffee is 10.30 At this time, the level of cortisol – a stress hormone with a circadian rhythm of activity – begins to drop.” You drink coffee right after getting out of bed, unnecessary, because the body does not need caffeine stimulation then, as the cortisol concentration is soon after waking up is big, and the peak reaches between 8 and 9. The effect, therefore, none, and easy to immunize to the effects of caffeine – you will drink more and more stronger coffee.


Even worse is drinking a small black on an empty stomach. Although he is really quick on his feet, especially after the night, the effect is short-lived and you will quickly feel a sharp drop in energy.The body needs another recharge in the morning – it’s better to give him a nutritious breakfast with a glass of juice, possibly dairy latte, and a stronger coffee, eg espresso, make yourself for a second breakfast.After drinking coffee on an empty stomach soon appears hunger hungry, which is difficult to control. Instead, for example, a sandwich with wholemeal bread, cheese and vegetables (containing healthier for us complex carbohydrates), we are more likely to reach for products with a high glycemic index, eg asweet bun or cake, consisting of easily digestible simple sugars and low in vitamins. the blood drops sharply and we get hungry again …


It should also be remembered that coffee has a diuretic effect, so drinking strong coffee and not filling it with other liquids, we expose the body to dehydration.


Another reason to wait with the first coffee is … breath.” The morning scent from the mouth, to put it mildly, is not the most pleasant and this is a normal symptom caused by the presence of digestive juices in an empty stomach. just after waking up and enjoying the delicious coffee in bed, you can put in a fairy tale … Coffee certainly does not help to refresh your breath. Better to eat a decent breakfast, brush your teeth and then greet a kiss with your beloved / loved one!


It will be useful to you

Do you have hypertension? You do not have to give up coffee!

Caffeine contained in caffeine briefly raises the pressure and accelerates the heart rate.But they should be avoided by those over-pressure people who drink it occasionally, because their body reacts with strong stimulation.Those who drink coffee every day can enjoy its taste, because in their case the reaction from the cardiovascular system is small, and even none.However, it is better to limit yourself to one cup in the morning.Coffee is drunk repeatedly throughout the day and increases cholesterol over the years, which in combination with hypertension increases the risk of atherosclerosis.

The effect of coffee on raising cholesterol depends on how the tea is brewed.The biggest one is in the case of coffee brewed in a thermos or in Turkish.Much smaller – when you drink coffee from a coffee machine or instant coffee.