Why do the reported results differ so much for individual people?

Many of the starting trainers ask questions about differences in weight and strength gains in different people. With varying strength and mass development, changes in the shape are directly related. Differences are clearly visible in the case of people starting training, with similar parameters (growth, strength, weight, arm circumferences or thighs). If you train with colleagues, after some time the rivalry comes to the fore and comparing yourself – how many centimeters came, how many kilograms is raised in what battle, what are the arms, chest, back? It often turns out that a colleague makes incredible progress while we note a barely noticeable progress.

So much was said about the need to induce the reproof of hormones with the training of the legs and back, to stimulate the development of biceps and triceps (in scientific studies the thesis turned out to be not confirmed). Well, the aforementioned player did not train his legs, his back to a small extent (mainly a stick, no deadlift), he did not use diet or sophisticated training – he nevertheless worked up a 45 cm arm circumference. Of course, there was a blatant disproportion (45 cm in the arm and … 51 cm in the thigh circumference) – which the nitro eventually equalized (within a few months of intense lower body training). In no way do I say that diet and special training are not necessary.

A person with exceptional predispositions, with a mediocre diet and absurd training (eg for small muscle parties 4 exercises of 4 series and 12 repetitions with max weights) can achieve progress, but … until time. From a certain threshold (development of mass and strength) the fight for every additional centimeter in the arm and a kilogram on the banner begins. So, when you ask what training you have to apply eg. I have a request, you would be able to send me a good training plan … I usually do 4 exercises for each batch of 4 sets and 12 repetitions for max weights – you must know that there is no answer. Certainly, the novice scheme described will quickly lead to stagnation (lack of basic training principles, eg progression, proper division of muscle parts, volume changes, number of repetitions, rate modification, division of parties into lighter and heavier sessions, etc.)


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