Why are diet supplements worth taking?

“Why is it worth taking supplements? – a very important question, especially nowadays. For many, this can mainly be associated with protein, creatine or other products that will affect our training and figure. Classic “supps” are however only a tiny part of what we really find in the offer of many stores. In this article, I will present a few definitions and interesting information about what dietary supplements are in principle, what types we will find, and why they are worth taking.

Dietary supplements – a few words to start with

Dietary supplements are simply one of the types of “food” (yes, capsules with magic substances is food from the law’s point of view) in the legal world. They have certain nutritional values ​​(such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc.) and can have various forms like tablets, syrup, ampoules, and often what the manufacturer desires. Their main goal is to SUPPORT a specific diet or deliver something in the case of a shortage. It is important to point out the issue of support because such products should not normally replace normal food – they are to be mainly an addition to our standard lifestyle. It is worth noting that the nutrients available on the market will never replace a given drug and should never be seen in this way. Despite the fact that we will find many supplements that have some healing values, such as vitamins, they serve (as the name suggests) the only supplementation and often may not contain the right dose, which would heal us. As a curiosity, a few statistics on the supplements market are below

  • Generally, more women reach for dietary supplements
  • 8 billion dollars – this was the value of the pharmaceutical market.OCT products to which diet supplements belong exactly constituted about 43%!

Supplements – what we usually meet

We will find many dietary supplements, some of them present a specific action, purpose or composition. However, sometimes the products can be quite similar and not belong to the same group at all. In this case, I created a small list of nutrients in how you can share them

Dietary supplements for athletes – this is what nutrients are associated with. We will find here some classics

Of course, this is only part of such products. Their main task is to provide the right nutrients that will help you train or build your figure. It is worth noting that they also often have supplements in the form of vitamins, whose task is to provide additional ingredients, but this is not their main goal. For this reason, it makes no sense to put them on products such as a strictly defined vitamin or a complex of vitamins

Vitamins and minerals

Here we mainly find products such as pure vitamin C or just vitamin complexes. They serve mainly as an addition to our diet when we know that we are unable to eat products rich in specific minerals.

One capsule to cure them all?
One capsule to cure them all?

Fat burners

In this case, it can be considered that they are also dietary supplements for athletes. However, it is worth mentioning them separately because they can simply accept people who want extra help with weight loss. These articles have components that add energy, speed up metabolism, or suppress the feeling of hunger


We mainly talk about products that contain bacterial cultures. They are designed to help our body in a certain way, mainly regarding digestive tract work.

Joint support

You can also think about it in the sports category. However, they can also be useful articles for people who want to support their health in everyday life. Mainly we are talking about collagen products here.


Mainly caffeine and other similar products that will affect our energy throughout the day

Why is it worth taking supplements?

Let’s get to the bottom of it – why is it worth taking? Because they can help us) everything here depends on what effect we expect. Looking at how many different products we find on the market, it is really difficult to answer unequivocally. For someone, it will be important to lose kilos, for another to take (and then make a sculpture). Someone else will want to take a complex of vitamins (or a particular vitamin) because he knows that he can not provide it through his diet. In turn, another person will be tempted by caffeine in tablets because he is not a fan of coffee and he knows that energetics to the healthiest things do not belong – everything depends only on us in this matter.


Dietary supplements are a fascinating part of the pharmaceutical market. They can be a great solution for many people for various reasons – from exercise to providing energy to survive at work the most important thing here is caution – nutrients in the wrong doses can harm – you should always remember this!