Who is berberine for?

Linen and barberry. These two plants are the source of a very helpful and healthy substance called berberine. If you want to slightly broaden your knowledge about this preparation, we invite you to the following article.

  1. A supplement called berberine
  2. Who is it intended for?
  3. How does berberine work?
  4. Supplementation


  1. A supplement called berberine

Berberine is a vegetable alkaloid that is found in the roots of tinfoil and barberry. Its healing properties have already been appreciated centuries ago in traditional Chinese medicine.


  1. Who is it intended for?

The healing effect of berberine finds its application primarily in people who have problems with excessive levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. In addition, it can be used in gastric and cardiovascular problems. Research also confirms on the antiseptic role of berberine when used in low concentrations.


  1. How does berberine work?

The effect of berberine turns out to be really impressive and very wide.

The most important purposes of its use include

– antibacterial effect,

– antiprotozoal activity,

– prevention of diarrhea,

– counteracting hypertension and diabetes,

– anti-cancer prophylaxis.


  1. Supplementation

The daily dose of berberine ranges from 900 to 2000 mg. Due to the high weight, it should be divided into about 3 to 4 doses a day, which should be consumed immediately after a meal.

Speaking of side effects, it should be mentioned that berberine supplementation may lead to a significant release of bilirubin. The effect of this is a total ban on its use by pregnant and newborn children with jaundice.