Which weight lifting shoes?

Many people have doubts about things that are worth having with them in the training room, let’s take a closer look at this issue, because it is not obvious at all. Wrong dress or shoes may make it difficult or impossible for you to do some exercises. Despite the course of the years, I still meet people who just dress badly, I do not mean fashion at all.

Contrary to appearances, most club-goers do not wear suitable footwear for exercise. For lifting weights shoes suitable for walking, running, or trekking or mountain are not suitable. Under no circumstances should you try to practice in flip-flops, japones and other types of footwear intended for the pool or beach. As a last resort you can do some exercises barefoot, but for reasons of hygiene I strongly advise against similar experiments – unless you like treatments that fight different types of fungi or warts. 

Running shoes would still fulfill their task during exercises performed while sitting, on the bar or, for example, squeezing the bar down, however, during a deadlift, pressing a barbell, standing up, blows, tears, squats or squats more harm than they would help. Why? There are several reasons. Running shoes have to work in a completely different way than at the gym. Most of them are supposed to provide cushioning and support a runner who in a special way transfers the foot. \ NThis is more protection against hundreds of minor shocks, sometimes the footwear is to support individual biomechanical predispositions (pronation, supination). Meanwhile, in strength training, the foot in most exercises has to have contact with the ground (the exception to the rule are exercises performed on the stick, plyometric and dynamic buoys). In heel shoes, the heel is raised, and the stiffened and stable foot (laces + straps) – which completely changes the performance of exercises such as squats with barbells or punctures. 


What shoes to choose? 

ADIDAS POWERLIFT 2 – they exist in a very large price range, I saw promotions where the model for women was sold for less than PLN 200, and currently there are different sizes for men PLN 225 (on the official website of the producer 1). After many months of intensive training, I can recommend POWERLIFT 2 with a clear conscience, they have not suffered any significant damage. Initially, I encountered opinions that they are not very durable and will quickly be destroyed. How to choose the size? Normally I wear shoes 45, rarely 44. Unfortunately, according to different manufacturers size 45 can be a foot with a length of 28.5 to 29.5 cm (Asics gel venture 4 I have size 45, in the description on the label is written that it is 28.5 cm; Trekking shoes from the north face company are 45 and the foot is 29.5 cm long). It should be taken into account that the rate may slightly swell, it is better to buy slightly larger shoes. 

ADIDAS POWERLIFT 3 – unfortunately, they cost at least PLN 100 more than the old version. The greatest advantage is their wide availability. They gather good reviews. 

ADIPOWER WEIGHTLIFTING SHOES – unfortunately, on the official website they cost $ 179, which gives about 700 PLN without shipment. 2 They can be found in some Polish stores, but the price is prohibitive. Where to buy? Eg adidas.com/adipower-weightlifting It is worth noting that adipower is a whole series of shoes, not necessarily related to strength disciplines. They gather good reviews. 



ZPUH 1969 – for the least demanding, various leather shoes for lifting weights for PLN 280. In my case, the belts were broken off very quickly, they were destroying the buckles, the laces were breaking. With a gentler treatment of this type of shoes should serve a long time. Where to buy? E.g. sklepna5.pl/buty-do wzew-loads In the age of POWERLIFT shoes, you should consider this purchase well. 



NIKE ROMALEOS 2 – well, another boot for professional people. The cosmic price of PLN 849 has effectively deterred me from buying. Where to buy? For example, nike.com/buty-do-odnoszenia-ciężarów-romaleos-2 Opinions is great, only who can afford such an expense? For comparison, at this price you can have two pairs of mountain boots with a membrane. 


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Finally – is it worth buying similar shoes? If you are planning a few-year-long adventure with the gym, it is certainly an investment in the comfort of training. I have not returned to shoes to the hall, with flat soles, although you can get them for a few dozen zlotys. I also use running shoes only in the field, not in the room.