Whey protein – what it is, harmfulness

There are two products with a similar name.One is a desirable part of the bodybuilder diet, and the other is just the opposite.Until today, people on the Internet do not distinguish protein whey from whey protein and buy the first one.Whey protein is quite expensive, but very valuable for an athlete.Its price results from a complex and expensive production process.

Whey protein is a residue from dairy production and has no value for the athlete.How to distinguish them and what will cause regular consumption of a product not intended for an athlete, i.e. whey protein?

Whey protein – what is it?

Whey is a by-product, a liquid substance that arises in the production of cheeses and casein.You need 10 liters of milk to produce 1 kg of cheese.Whey makes up between 85% and 90% of the volume of milk used for the production of ripening cheeses, i.e. when producing 1 kg of cheese, up to 9 liters of whey is produced.At the production of 1 kg of cottage cheese, 6-7 liters of whey are produced.

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I want to use protein whey, because it is cheap!

That’s right.Whey protein does not have value for an athlete, so you can buy it for a few zlotys per kilogram.You did not think why you sell it so cheaply?Because its content is mostly lactose.Carbohydrates are widely available and are usually cheap (an exception to the rule are, for example, products without gluten).Protein sources such as beef, pork, turkey and chicken are expensive, but you can buy frankfurters in the shop very cheaply.Great!Just do not you wonder why sausages are cheap, and meat is so expensive?Because sausages mostly consist of fat, fillers and wastes (technically known as MSM – mechanically separated meat).And MOM is not meat, just all the waste that stays after its separation, and thus with a negligible nutritional value.MOM has one basic advantage – this type of garbage is extremely cheap and that’s why you can produce at the expense of people’s health extremely cheap sausages.In the same category is the enrichment of meat (eg ham) with solutions or impregnation of fish fillets with substances that increase the weight of frozen food.

Protein whey and lactose content

The main ingredient of protein whey is carbohydrates.Ok, it’s all right if you consciously buy a product that contains 10-13% of protein, and the rest is mainly carbohydrates (lactose).However, it often happened that dishonest sellers repacked whey protein and sold it as whey protein (they created fictitious companies and product brands).If you sell protein whey, for example, costing 9 zlotys per kilogram at a price of 30-40 zlotys per kilo, the case does not require further explanation.It just lived a gold.

Protein whey has a mass of lactose (over 70%, often 78-84%).For a bodybuilder, such a supply of disaccharide is harmful to the health and aesthetics of the body.

Is selling protein whey legal?

Of course.Doubtful morally, but in accordance with the law.Why?Because companies selling whey protein give its composition explicitly.If you want to buy a product that is harmful to health, which is a source of lactose, it is a free path.No one forbids this at the moment.Similarly, in Poland you can buy alcohol and tobacco products that cause cancer and destroy almost the entire body.Once on auction sites, dishonest people under the name of nonexistent companies sold whey protein as whey protein, but nowadays it is a rare practice.It is morally doubtful to suggest that whey protein composed of almost all carbohydrates is a proposal for athletes and an addition to desserts, yoghurts and juices.How many people can be fooled into similar manipulations?A few years ago, the sale of protein whey on auction sites was enormous.Well, whey will work for the first forced visit to the toilet, because it is very likely to cause gastrointestinal disturbances.

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Do people actually buy whey protein instead of whey protein?

Yes.After all, the site says that it is the perfect product for the athlete.In addition, the majority of men who go to the gym enjoy weight gain, regardless of whether they get fat or increase muscle circuits.Several times I described the example of a man with a tummy (this is technically called a subcutaneous and visceral fat stored in the torso) that drank a chocolate drink between the series!This man was convinced that he was doing wisely – after all, he was supplying energy and between successive series of exercises.He did not realize that the body has enough energy (eg muscle glycogen, phosphocreatine, ATP, fats), which will not use lazy training.


If you want to buy something, choose whey protein, e.g. WPC, WPI, WPH.If you do not have too much cash, decide on a reputable product from a Polish manufacturer.Foreign proteins are much more expensive, but they are not always characterized by better solubility, composition and taste.Certainly not worth buying whey protein, which is suitable for pigs, not for humans.


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