Whey protein isolate – dosage, action

In order for the training person’s diet to be properly constructed, it must contain adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats.This means that the food products used should contain wholesome sources of the mentioned macronutrients, mainly proteins.When it comes to the importance of a macronutrient, the protein is the main element of interest for trainers.All thanks to the action of a protein that has building and regenerative functions that support the renewal of muscle tissues as well as the entire nervous system.The indispensable task a trainee should do is to determine the amount of protein that should be consumed during the day.What’s more, the protein contained in the diet should come from differentiated food sources, so that the body has at its disposal different proportions of amino acids.

How much protein do I need a trainer?

The choice of protein in the diet depends on the level of physical activity.This means that the amount of protein to be consumed during the day will mainly determine our training.Also important are parameters such as age, weight or height.All these factors will influence the determination of the calorific balance and the percentage share of proteins in the entire energy pool. Typically, however, training people use a division that determines the number of proteins in grams per 1 kg of body weight per day. Athletes, depending on what type of exercise they are taking, must have the right amount of protein chosen for the type of exercise. People training in the gym should consume from 2 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight during the day.This amount is the optimal value that allows you to carry out an intense effort, as well as maintain a good mood. However, theright selection of protein is much more important.Namely, it will be responsible for the regeneration and reconstruction of tissues.

Where should we get protein from?

If we look at the diet of the training person, we notice that it is based on a fairly large amount of meat.The poultry proteins are mostly used, because they abound in significant amounts of pure protein, and at the same time they do not have a significant amount of fat and carbohydrates.What’s more, we also meet beef and pork.However, athletes aim rather at lean meat, where the fat content does not exceed 10-15%.Other, also valuable sources of proteins are eggs, offal, dairy and fish.

All these food sources abound with wholesome proteins, meaning they contain significant amounts of EAA amino acids.Exogenous amino acids are those amino acids that are necessary for our body.We need to deliver them to our body from the outside so that it functions properly.

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Trainers not only use conventional food sources, as part of the diet, but also benefit from support in the form of protein nutrients to be able to provide wholesome protein in a simple and tasty way.Protein supplement is part of the diet, which is designed to help us maintain dietary values ​​at an appropriate level, hence its main task is to supplement the diet.

How are proteins produced?

Protein nutrients are made from milk.However, before a nutrient comes into being, there must be a series of technological processes that will allow us to create a protein, and in more detail, concentrate it.Therefore, first whey is obtained, which is formed during the production of cheese, and from it a protein is obtained.Whey is a product that is called a half-shell, therefore it is not very suitable for use in sports supplementation.The percentage of protein in this type of product varies between 10-15% and the balance is lactose and fat.If you want to use dried whey to supplement your protein in your diet, we must be prepared to provide us with significant amounts of sugar, which can cause a number of digestive discomforts.When the dried whey is subjected to the process of protein isolation, so as to concentrate its source in the diet, we will receive a wholesome dietary supplement.It has a significantly reduced amount of sugar and fat, and a high protein content of about 80%.

What is a protein isolate?

As it was written earlier, the dried whey undergoes a concentration process, so a product with a protein content of 15% yields a nutrient containing 80% of protein.This type of product is called whey protein concentrate, or WPC (whey protein concentrate).In turn, the whey protein isolate is a dietary supplement, which has an even higher protein content, due to the fact that a larger amount of protein was isolated and the content of carbohydrates and fats was reduced even more.WPI nutrients contain up to 90% of protein.What’s more, the isolates are characterized by faster digestion and, consequently, our muscles will receive a faster injection of amino acids.

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What is the use of protein supplement?

The trainers are based on a specially arranged diet menu, the purpose of which is to strengthen the training effects.The diet should be composed in a balanced way, due to the content of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.As we already know, protein supplement is the product that mainly provides proteins.It is also easy to guess, it will be to supplement the amount of protein in the diet of the person training.This is the main task of the protein.We use the protein in the form of a cocktail when we can not eat a meal, and it is necessary to supplement the protein in the diet.However, not always the protein is an emergency option.It is also a good way to diversify the diet by providing a tasty cocktail or using a protein supplement in the form of an addition to dessert, for example with fruit.

However, in addition to supplementing the protein diet, the protein supplement also has some interesting properties.Due to the fact that it is a rich source of essential amino acids, and thus also branched chain amino acids, it supports our body by stimulating anabolism.In a simplified way, it can be said that protein supplement is designed to help build muscle mass.However, we will write about it a bit more broadly in the next paragraph.

Protein supplement and building muscle mass

The period of mass building requires delivery of high quality proteins, which will cause the growth of pure muscle mass.Therefore, all kinds of supplements that will limit the catabolism activity and raise the level of anabolism in our body are useful for this purpose. Whey protein isolate is an excellent protein that has the function of maintaining the state of anabolism, therefore, the use of this supplement in the diet for mass is a highly accurate solution.

Branched amino acids, mainly leucine contained in them, exhibit strong anabolic properties.Leucine is an amino acid without which the increase in muscle mass is impossible.All this is related to the phenomenon of the so-called leucine threshold.The leucine threshold tells us how much leucine should be eaten so that the muscle protein synthesis effect is sustained.This means that you should eat the right amount of protein supplement, which will contain enough leucine.When looking at scientific publications, this amount will be about 40 g of isolate.This protein should be consumed immediately after physical exercise, in order to be able to instantly supply essential amino acids to the muscles.The protein used in this way will cause regeneration processes to run faster, more efficiently and shorten the regeneration time between training sessions.


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Is Isolate suitable during weight loss?

As the isolate is the most suitable protein during the reduction period, it contains a reduced amount of carbohydrates and fats.This makes that using the WPI protein, we only supply pure protein rich in BCAA amino acids, significantly reducing the share of other macronutrients.

As this type of protein is digested relatively quickly, the level of amino acids in the bloodstream is also rapidly elevated, which will be of great importance in the context of the protection of muscle tissue against the effects of catabolism.For this reason, the trainers use the addition of the isolate in the pre-workout period.

What are the benefits of using an isolate?

  • provides high doses of branched chain amino acids,
  • it is suitable for use in the okotinner period,
  • it has a high protein content and a minimal proportion of carbohydrates and fats,
  • builds muscles,
  • protects against catabolism,
  • supports immunity by stimulating glutathione synthesis,
  • significantly accelerates regeneration processes.

How to dose protein isolate?

We said in the previous paragraphs about what protein is for.However, due to the use of protein at a specific time of the day, we can use its unique properties.The use of protein in the morning on an empty stomach will limit the effect of nocturnal catabolism and stimulate anabolism.The next period in which the WPI can be used is the perinatal period.Nutrients can be consumed both before and after training.The protein used before the workout will mainly have nutritional functions that inhibit the catabolism process.After the training, in turn, it will increase the effect of anabolism, supporting regeneration and stimulating the construction of new muscle proteins.


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