Whey C-6 – better regeneration after training

Most people training at the gym sooner or later decide to take nutrients, thanks to which the effects of the training will turn out to be much better. Interesting proposals on the market are not lacking, because individual companies are trying to market more and more new products. Many of them already have their research centers, thanks to which the nutrients being offered to customers are getting better and they fulfill their function perfectly. If anyone is interested in nutrients, he should pay attention tofor the Hi-Tec brand. In its offer there are many interesting products, such as: Whey C-6 product – conditioner, which has recently become a very popular preparation for people who think about the development of dry muscle mass.


  1. Whey C-6 – product characteristics
  2. Whey C-6 ingredients
  3. Dosage Whey C-6
  4. Opinions about Whey C-6

Whey C-6

  1. Whey C-6 – product characteristics

Whey C-6 conditioner is an excellent, advanced product with a very high protein content. Over 85% of protein is present in the dry matter, in addition all proteins introduced into this product have a high biological value. If we decide to supplement this product, we will bring to the body valuable exogenous amino acids, which our body alone is unable to produce, therefore they must be supplied with food, including BCAA amino acids, which protect our muscles from catabolism.

Nutrient not only provides us with valuable muscle building material, but it can also be important for better regeneration after training. The addition of L-glutamine and L-leucine determines better protein synthesis and support of the immune system.

The conditioner contains as many as 6 sources of protein.The composition contains amino acids BCAA and EAA.The producer has tried to prepare a nutrient, which is characterized by very good solubility, it will be easy to prepare, and additionally we get attractive flavors.

  1. Whey C-6 ingredients

A person who is serious about his supplementation will definitely be interested in the combination of ingredients in this product.It’s an interesting topic because the list is really long. The manufacturer made sure that there were no unnecessary additions. The protein is a key element of this product, because in a portion of 30 g there is about 25 g of protein (depending on the taste).Added to this are small doses of fat and carbohydrates and a strong combination of vitamins, especially vitamins from group B, vitamins C and E.

The amino acid combination is really great here. If someone decides to train with this supplement, he can be sure that the product will have a great effect on the body’s work and can be a supplement to our diet.

  1. Dosage Whey C-6

Dosage of this preparation will not be a problem. Muscle building lasts both when we train and on non-workout days.

In the case of training days, one portion is consumed after waking up, the second portion immediately after training, and the third portion before going to bed.If we do not do the training on a given day, we take one serving after waking up, the second between meals and the third before going to bed. The product has a very strong effect, should not be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers, will not be suitable for children, should not exceed the recommended daily dose, dosage depends, inter alia, onon the amount of protein in the diet.

  1. Opinions about Whey C-6

Nutrient has a strong effect on our body and therefore it is worth to choose to use it, because you can count on a faster increase in strength and muscle mass. As a result, the time necessary to regenerate the body after training will also shorten, metabolism will improve.

and post-exercise catabolism will be suppressed to some extent. People who use Whey C-6 for a long time emphasize that building muscle is better and training effects are more noticeable. Thanks to Whey C-6, post-workout regeneration is more efficient. If you’re looking for support while doing heavy workouts, the Whey C-6 conditioner works well.