What you should not do at the gym

Every gym has its own specific microclimate, which is easy to see during the first visit. However, regardless of the club, there are some universal rules that simply should not be changed or broken. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do it, which in practice may be simply burdensome for others. Before visiting a fitness club it is good to be aware of what you absolutely should not do in such a place. 

If you do not want to be a gym star and avoid the whispers of the type came this guy (or this girl) … remember that this is a public place and do not behave in a way that makes it difficult to train others. What is certainly unwelcome in fitness clubs? 

It’s a bit sad, but there are people who have a problem with the practical application of basic hygiene rules. Too often the norm is to wear the same, sweaty clothes, and the antiperspirant aversion from afar. Some assume that it is not worth to wash in front of the gym (despite the obvious necessity), because after the gym they will have to do it again. Well, it is worth sacrificing time and taking a quick shower before the workout – especially if more time has passed since the previous bath or performed activities that adversely affected our generally understood freshness. Other gym regulars, even if they do not buy flowers for this reason, will certainly be grateful for this fact. 

Although it can be said that the outfit is really just a matter of taste, but at the gyms you can admire the creations that are particularly memorable because they are simply inadequate to the place or unmatched to the person. These include individuals, for example, in too tight and short pants or T-shirts, remembering the times before a serious overweight. Quite often you can observe ladies who come to the club nicely to watch – they can not exercise for fear of sweating and smudging intricate make-up


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