What you should know about L-ornithine?

L-ornithine is an underestimated supplement that can guarantee greater increases in lean muscle mass.This measure also allows for more efficient removal of toxins from the body. What other role does ornithine play in supplementation at the gym? Check in the article.


L-ornithine is classified as endogenous amino acids that are synthesized in the body.In contrast to other compounds in this group, it does not participate directly in building proteins and new muscle fibers.

Arginine and ornithine are crucial for the correct implementation of the Krebs cycle.

Ornithine is formed from arginine and is necessary for the production of urea, which reduces the amount of ammonia in the blood.

What’s more – citrulline and ornithine are related to each other.Ornithine acts as an acceptor in the synthesis of citrulline, which helps increase the exercise capacity of the body.

Surplus L-ornithine, which will not be used in metabolic processes, will be used in other body processes.


How does ornithine work?

The properties of ornithine allow it to be widely used in the general improvement of the body’s condition. L-ornithine was noted in the context of:

endocrine system,


cleansing the body,

circulatory system.


What are the advantages of ornithine?

Removes toxins and regenerates the liver.

It is indispensable for the production of citrulline and glutamine, which increase the abilities of the trainer on many coats.

It guarantees effective removal of ammonia from the blood.

It indirectly affects the fat burning and the construction of lean muscle mass.

It can affect the growth of growth hormone and the severity of anabolic reactions.


Ornithine – defects

Ornithine supplementation does not carry any flaws: Ornithine is associated with a better condition of the liver of the exerciser, which is a very important feature because supplementation with protein supplements adversely affects its condition.


For whom ornithine?

The use of ornithine is associated with a wide spectrum of action. Additioning is recommended for people putting on strength training, as well as people struggling with liver problems.Not everyone is aware that ornithine is cleansing the liver in an efficient and effective way. preparations supporting detoxification of the body and regeneration of the loaded liver.


Ornithine – effects

The effects of ornithine are visible to the naked eye during training and in the long run.

It increases the muscle pump by stimulating the production of nitric oxide.

It makes it easier to fall asleep – by reducing cortisol levels.

Accelerates post-workout regeneration.

It facilitates wound healing and firms the skin – thanks to participation in the synthesis of collagen.


Ornithine – side effects

The ornithine side effects are virtually non-existent, its use is considered completely safe.

In hypersensitive people, there may be classic for any supplementation of digestive ailments, flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

When choosing granular ornithine, make sure you tolerate fructose because it is present in the supplement.In the case of people struggling with kidney problems – it is worth consulting with ornithine preparations with a doctor.


Ornithine dosage

The dosage of ornithine is a contentious issue.” Sources give very different daily doses that would have different effects, so you can think that the dose of ornithine is associated with the effect you want to achieve.

A range of 150 to 1500 mg is accepted as a norm in daily supplementation.

You can use 4 – 5g on an empty stomach, or up to an hour before physical exercise (taking into account a 2 hour break between a high-protein meal).


The form of supplementation can increase growth hormone and increase muscle mass, arginine, ornithine and lysine are often present in one preparation to complement their areas of action and ensure the best results.


Ornithine in supplementation at the gym


L-ornithine HCL (ornithine hydrochloride) is not one of the most popular supplements in the gym. Because it does not participate directly in building muscles, its properties are usually neglected, but many studies indicate that regular ornithine capsules are taken