What to EAT to sleep well? Insomnia diet

Difficulty in falling asleep, insomnia, and therefore a problem with memory and concentration? Follow the diet tips and you’ll sleep soundly. The best home remedy for sleep problems is an insomnia diet.

The insomnia diet is not at all complicated. The most important meal for those suffering from insomnia is dinner. One might even be tempted to say – a good dinner is a good night’s sleep. But this is not about a sumptuous feast, after which you will feel hard and sluggish. A few changes in existing habits can make miracles. The first rule that is worth remembering now

Food for sleep – in the evening more carbohydrates, less protein

First of all, they are supposed to be carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, i.e. those that will be digested slowly but for a long time. These are what you introduce into your diet, eliminating high-index carbohydrates, i.e. white rice, white flour bread, pasta, dumplings, potatoes, carrots, cocoa, sugar, honey, sweets and ice cream. For evening meals, avoid high-protein meat, fish, poultry and seafood products. You can eat them for lunch, but not before you go to sleep. What is recommended is brown rice, wholemeal pasta, cereal, dark whole wheat bread, vegetables and fruit. For dinner, do not add too much fat (just a tablespoon of oil). Also try to bake, cook or stew the products, avoid frying, because the next rule reminds you

What are the most popular causes of the insomnia?
What are the most popular causes of the insomnia?

Light sleep diet, mild taste, dinner not too late

If the dinner is too fat, the whole body engages in digestion, the body temperature increases, which delays falling asleep. Also, spicy spices are not conducive to falling asleep quickly. Therefore, for dinner, it is better not to order ready meals from oriental restaurants, do not be tempted to have a kebab, do not eat pate sandwiches, or season with cream soups. Instead of puff pastry or ready-made butter cookies, eat a fruit salad. When it comes to fat, you must follow rule number three, which says

Good sleep thanks to omega-3 fatty acids that improve brain function

And yet good sleep depends on it. Linseed oil, fatty fish salmon, mackerel, sardines are its rich source. It is better not to use sunflower and corn oils rich in omega-6 for dinner, and do not add mayonnaise to your dishes. If you don’t have linseed oil on hand, it’s better to use olive oil or grape seed oil.

Some important tips for better sleep!
Some important tips for better sleep!

The iron rule sounds before bedtime do not drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks

Some think alcoholic beverages help you fall asleep. And this is true, but the paradox is that if they help you fall asleep – they disturb your sleep, causing many short awakenings that interrupt the deep phase of sleep. That is why waking up after such a night is accompanied by a feeling of tiredness, and during the day there is unpleasant distraction. Caffeine drinks, on the other hand, work on the brain up to six hours after consumption, so if you drink coffee, tea or cola at 5pm, you won\’t be able to fall asleep until midnight!

Remember to go to bed at the same time. Bathing in the bathtub with the addition of soothing oils can be helpful, much more than an evening shower. Do not watch horror movies or other programs that may affect your mood. Rather, before bedtime, do those activities that calm you down. In the late afternoon and evening, do not do sports, because even seemingly calm activities such as yoga or tai-chi stimulate the body.