What to eat to lose weight?

What to eat to lose weight? Contrary to popular belief, to lose weight should not be eliminated from the menu of products containing fat. To lose weight quickly, you need to eat fats, but healthy ones. Although they provide many calories, effective weight loss is not just about calories. What else to eat to lose weight? Which products should be avoided? Here is a list of 10 products that will help you quickly lose weight.

What to eat to lose weight? What products should be included in the menu to quickly get rid of unnecessary kilograms? The key ingredient is protein, which not only allows the body to use more energy but also provides fewer calories from food. What else to eat to lose weight? The diet must also include fibre and … fats, but healthy ones, which – contrary to popular belief – help you lose weight. What else helps you lose weight?

What to eat to lose weight? Meat, dairy products and other protein-rich products

The protein contained in food is a key nutrient that facilitates weight loss. First of all, the protein has a complex structure and is therefore long digested. The longer the food is broken down, the slower it leaves the stomach and gives a feeling of fullness after a meal for several hours.

Secondly, the protein increases thermogenesis most strongly of all food macronutrients. This means that after eating a meal rich in protein, the body’s energy expenditure that is needed for digestion increases – metabolic processes occur faster. The body uses more calories to digest protein foods than carbohydrate and fat foods. Eating more protein (25-30 per cent of the daily caloric supply) causes the body to consume 80-100 kcal more per day.

In addition, as shown by scientific studies, protein meals reduce obsessive thinking about food by 60 per cent. and cut the evening snack by half. Just adding more protein to your diet means that you eat 411 kcal less on a daily basis.

Best food to burn fat
Best food to burn fat

What to eat to lose weight? Vegetables

Vegetables are extremely important products in the diet of every person because of the content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. However, for people who are slimming, they have another meaning. Vegetables are products with very low caloric density, i.e. in large quantities contain low calories, which means that they can basically be eaten without restrictions. Vegetables consist mainly of water and fibre.

It is also worth eating grapefruit. Their effect on weight loss has been thoroughly studied. Eating half a grapefruit about half an hour before the main meal increases satiety and allows you to eat less total calories throughout the day. In addition, eating grapefruit has a positive effect on insulin sensitivity, and the better it is, the easier it is to lose weight.

What to eat to lose weight? Healthy fats

The most beneficial diet during weight loss is a diet with reduced carbohydrates – cereals, groats and their preparations. In order not to cause too much caloric deficit, it is necessary to include healthy fat sources on the menu.

Fat should not be scared while losing weight. Studies have repeatedly shown that low-fat diets are not at all effective in losing kilograms because they cause constant hunger. As a result of metabolism, fat from food does not turn into fat tissue – unlike carbohydrate sugar. Adding olive oil to a salad or frying a dish in clarified butter is a very good move while losing weight. This provides the calories needed and provides a feeling of satiety. Where to get fat from your diet? From the already mentioned olive oil as well

What to eat to lose weight? Coconut oil

Of all fats, coconut oil deserves special attention. It is especially useful when losing weight due to its composition. It is rich in medium-chained fatty acids (MCT), which give you a feeling of satiety for longer than other fats. In addition, they increase the number of calories burned during the day, as they accelerate energy consumption at the cellular level. They also contribute to reducing the abdominal circumference and fatty tissue of internal organs. These properties have been proven in scientific experiments. That is why it is worth replacing other oils with coconut oil when preparing meals.

What to eat to lose weight? Chilli Peppers

Chilli peppers as a fresh vegetable and spice are rich in capsaicin responsible for their spicy taste. Capsaicin reduces appetite and speeds up metabolism. The effect, however, is visible mainly in people who do not use hot spices on a daily basis and do not eat spicy dishes.

What to eat to lose weight? Chia seeds

Chia seeds are a great addition to the slimming diet. A 10-gram spoon of seeds contains 4.2 g of carbohydrates, of which 3.4 g is fibre. Such a high fibre content causes chia to bind huge amounts of water and swell to form gel structures. The addition of seeds, e.g. to yoghurt or porridge, reduces appetite and prolongs satiety after a meal.