What to eat after endurance training?

From previous research, we know that if athletes have more than one workout a day and a few hours apart, a much better solution is to give the carbohydrates themselves (and not, for example, large amounts of protein and small amounts of carbohydrates).

In turn, Finns showed that whey protein administered after strength training (37.5 g WPC) provides slightly higher increases in muscle mass compared to the administration of proteins together with carbohydrates (34.5 g maltodextrin and 37.5 g WPC).

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And what does it look like in endurance training?

The effect of administering carbohydrates or carbohydrates and protein on the mitochondrial and myofibrillar synthesis of muscle proteins was determined.Drinks were consumed after cycling training.10 trained cyclists (age 29 ± 6 years, VO2 MAX. 66.5 ± 5.1 ml / kg / min) have completed two attempts.For 90 minutes they rode a bike with an intensity of 77 ± 1% VO2max.

They received

Directly after finishing and 30 minutes after exercising

Muscle samples were taken to determine the effect of supplementation on the mitochondrial and myofibrillar synthesis of muscle proteins as well as intracellular signaling pathways.

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Administration of both carbohydrates and whey protein increases the synthesis of myofibrillar proteins.What does it mean?Skeletal muscles are transversely striated.They consist of multinucleated cells (fibers) surrounded by a membrane – sarcoleme.A single muscle fiber consists of myofibrils, immersed in intracellular fluid, sarcoplasm.This fluid contains glycogen, high energy compounds, ATP, phosphocreatine and glycolytic enzymes.And that means that the addition of whey protein to carbohydrates increases the synthesis of muscle protein, but not the mitochondrial.Most likely, the administration of whey protein and carbohydrates via the mTOR pathway and p70S6K kinase (is a marker of muscle protein synthesis rate) most likely induces suppression of eEF2.So after endurance training (if we do not have the next training within 3-5 hrs) it is worth reaching not only for carbohydrates, but also for whey protein.


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