What minerals are necessary for muscles?

If you sweat a lot, you probably miss key minerals and, as a result, testosterone levels drop.

Athletes in particular should pay attention to this.
Along with sweat, not only the amount of electrolytes decreases, but also the level of zinc, which together with selenium maintain a high level of testosterone and strengthen the immune system. 


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Every day, we use magnesium also for everyday activities.

Adding to this exercise through which we sweat (or any other activity that promotes perspiration) even more intensify this effect. Magnesium itself is responsible for over 300 different biochemical reactions occurring in the human body, from the function of muscles and nerves to the synthesis of proteins. Do you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks? If so, pay attention to the level of magnesium in your diet. Such symptoms may be a symptom of its deficiency or reduced absorption of this element. 

Other important minerals, such as chromium and vanadium, are responsible for maintaining normal blood sugar and insulin levels. 

Of course, there are many more minerals valuable for our body, but these are the ones most often mentioned at a very low level in active people. Athletes should especially complement the chelated forms of these minerals. 

Best chelated? 

Chelation is a process in which mineral compounds are transformed into better absorbable forms. This process gives the amino acid chelate, which is small enough to pass through the intestines and reach the cell directly. Preparations that are not chelated can be problematic, i.e. they do not absorb, or only partially absorb. 

Of course, you can take preparations that are not chelates, but it is recommended to eat them on an empty stomach. In turn, chelated minerals can be consumed with food without fear that they will not be absorbed – here it definitely helps to organize the day for supplementation. After all, we do not want to eat something that is wasted. 


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