What is the best core muscle exercise?

There is no doubt that training awareness is growing. What matters is not only the aesthetics of the figure but also the functional side of the body has become important when choosing a training plan. The problem, however, is the selection of appropriate exercises that allow you to fully activate the core muscles. Researchers at Western Norway University addressed this important issue by comparing isometric exercises with those performed in a dynamic way.


21 young athletes training recreationally were supposed to perform several different forms of exercises for the middle muscles.

The exercises that research compared were:

  • plank
  • side plank
  • torso extension

Dynamic exercises were also performed, such as lunges on a stable and unstable surface, and three versions of lunges with resistance rubber that was attached to resist the body in front, back or side. The study was performed using EMG apparatus, which tests the electrical activity of muscle work, to determine which versions of the exercises are more effective.


Exercises performed in the isometric form activated the middle muscles more effectively than those that were done in the dynamic form.

We have prepared a set of exercises which will help you build ABS of your dreams!
We have prepared a set of exercises which will help you build ABS of your dreams!


It turns out that the use of classic planks and extensions is still one of the most effective forms of core muscle training, compared to lunges performed on an unstable surface or using resistance rubber. This is good information for beginners, but not only. All you need to do is master some basic moves to fully enjoy the support of muscles stabilizing our body. Contrary to fashion in gyms, there is no need to use sophisticated training methods.