What is BCAA? Quick information

BCAA is the name of one of the most popular dietary supplements used in figure sports and endurance sports. Every athlete regardless of their level of thinking wonders whether to include BCAA for supplementation or not. But what are the pros, profitability and whether BCAA is needed at all? I will try to explain it.


  1. What is BCAA?

BCAA is a combination of three branched amino acids, leucine, valine and isoleucine. According to manufacturers, BCAA inhibits catabolism, supports anabolism, increases muscle endurance, affects the activity of neurotransmitters and stimulates the nerves. Indirectly, it also supports the process of fat reduction.


  1. For what purpose do we use and what is the dosage of BCAA?

Colloquially, branched amino acids are thought to build muscle, and inhibiting catabolism without them is very difficult.

BCAA effectiveness studies have used doses of 3 to 20 g of the formulation in experiments. In practice, the most frequently used portions amounting to 7 to 20 g, therefore, the assumption that 10 g of BCAA during the day is the optimal amount to act in the body. It is also worth remembering that in the majority of popular products, about 0.8 g of pure amino acids per g of preparation.


  1. Do you need to supplement BCAA at all?

And here you have to divide people into professional athletes and amateurs. Why? Because a professional bodybuilder will benefit from BCAA supplementation, a statistical amateur who cares about the body can also take it.

Let’s first look at what catabolism is. Catabolism is a state in which our body eats itself, that is, it derives fuel from oxidation to muscle energy. This is the theory, and so the manufacturers of supplements say … and how is it really? This has been proven by several studies. Catabolism is actually a manifestation of the cannibalism of our body, but it only occurs after about 72 hours after physical activity, in the event that we eliminate all sources of vegetable and animal protein at that time.

If it happens so late, how can we touch it in half an hour before we return home and eat a meal? The answer is – NIJAK. Because we do not have massive muscle mass with a few percent fat level, having a gigantic energy expenditure that professional, high-class bodybuilders have. They supplementing large doses of BCAA for peri-training, eliminate small signs of catabolism, which in their case has any chance of occurrence.


  1. Conclusions

We already know what BCAA is, we know who can benefit from amino acid supplementation. If you have a good budget, you can enjoy the benefits of BCAA.

In a good quality isolate or whey concentrate are the same amino acids, and the price is lower – that’s why protein nutrients should also be selected for a large amount of BCAA.