What are gainers? Who should use them?

What are gainer carbohydrate-protein nutrients? Who is it recommended to use? Is it necessary to eat carbohydrate-protein shakes to build muscle mass?


What are gainers?

Gainer is a carbohydrate-protein conditioner in powder form. The composition of the standard gainer is mostly carbohydrates, constituting about 70% of the content and protein – about 15%. Carbohydrate-protein nutrients are recommended for people who need to increase the amount of calories in their diet, which is the basis for building muscle mass.


Why is it worth using gainers?

Gainer consists mainly of carbohydrates – while the building block of muscle is protein … So why take a nutrient in which carbohydrates are the majority and protein is an addition? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by young gym adepts. Yes, protein is necessary to build muscle mass, but it’s carbohydrates and fats that drive the body to function. The body needs high doses of carbohydrates so that it does not consume protein as a source of energy. Protein must be allocated to the building blocks of muscle mass.

Another very important aspect of applying Gainers is convenience – you can prepare and consume in 2 minutes! This is very useful if you need quick delivery of calories to the body (eg after training).


Gainers the best for ectomorphics?

Ektomorphic (a person with a lean physique, having problems with mass gain) to build muscle mass needs more caloric supply than other types of body building. A typical ectomorphist, to build muscle mass, needs to consume even several hundred more calories during the day than his colleague endomorphic (a person with a tendency to weight gain). Achieving the required daily calorific pot from the food itself is a real feat for many people. Therefore, ektomorphic patients are advised to use gainers as a diet supplement between meals, after training, as well as for a meal (to increase the amount of calories consumed).

If you are an ektomorphic and have a problem with gaining muscle mass, a gainer can be an ideal solution. However, remember the basic thing – Gainer serves as an addition to the diet, not as a substitute! The daily amount of gainer depends on how many calories you have provided from meals to the body, and how much more you want to deliver in the form of a gainer.


Is the use of gainers necessary?

If you are able to consume the required number of calories during the day with meals, then you do not have to take gainers. They were created to help you gain weight – they are very useful in many situations, but they are not necessary!

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Carbohydrate-protein nutrients (gainers) are used to help provide the required caloric pool (macronutrients). They are recommended for people who find it hard to gain muscle mass, and eating the required amount of calories from food is a problem. Remember, however, not to treat the “gainer shakes” as meal substitutes!