What about regeneration after training?

If you think about a few supplements that are extremely important for the work of our muscles during and after physical exertion, undoubtedly will be among them popular BCAAs, or branched amino acids.These include the three most important amino acids included in the exogenous amino acids, that is, those that our body is unable to synthesize.They must therefore be provided by us along with the diet.

Being many years in the diet industry I noticed a quite important fact, the approach of a large part of people to the diet.I am talking in particular about the group that is training more professionally.The more we train our workouts and is more on the weekly scale, the more we improve our performance, the less time we devote to healthy and proper nutrition.A large number of training sessions a week, the necessary time for regeneration, additional paid work, family time or other hobby activities and basically we do not have to apply to the diet and provide the right amount of essential amino acids for our muscles and their proper regeneration.In this situation, the supplementation of rapidly digestible branched amino acids in the peri-training period will be beneficial for sports results.

BCAA Xtra Instant

There have been recent views on the internet suggesting that BCAAs do not work.However, first of all, you should think about what we expect from this supplement and who uses it.Reflecting on how many people are keeping a precise diet, unfortunately not too many of them are coming to mind.It is therefore safe to say that BCAA in the vast majority of diets occur in the amount of deficiency.In addition, the purpose of their application is undoubtedly to obtain muscle hypertrophy, and their proper regeneration and protection.Definitely, this supplement is desirable in the use of training people.Especially those who train hard and who do not have ideal diets.

BCAA Instant properties

  • perfect regeneration for muscles after hard exercise,
  • protection of muscles against catabolism, especially during the period of body fat reduction,
  • ideal product in virtually every sport, where we deal with the work of our muscles,
  • quality confirmed by numerous certificates,
  • up to 90% of BCAA content,
  • the supplement does not contain dyes,
  • as many as 40 servings, each with 10 g of the supplement,
  • high percentage of amino acids (little sweetener),
  • a huge selection of flavors that will satisfy the palate of each person.Among them we can distinguish: berry, pineapple, cranberry, passion fruit, raspberry, orange, lemon, strawberry, dragon fruit, lime, red currant, cola, cola, ice cream, powdered orange, bubble gum,
  • an instant product with very good solubility and bioavailability,
  • attractive price in relation to quality and weight.

Instant BCAA Extreme

Application of BCAA Instant

  • in every sports discipline where muscles are exposed to hard work (eg bodybuilding, powerlifting, martial arts, football, triathlon, swimming, cycling),
  • to protect and improve muscle regeneration,
  • during the training, added to the bottle with water, not only to provide constantly amino acids, but also to improve the taste of the drink,
  • as a complement to amino acids during the day in the form of a delicious drink.

Dosage BCAA Instant

The recommended dosage of branched chain amino acids is a minimum of 1 g / 10 kg body weight, used about 20 minutes before exercise.The second portion in the same amount during or after the effort.The manufacturer recommends 10 g portions.It gives you 40 portions of the supplement.


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