Weight for the season – or summer traps

As every year, with the arrival of warmer days in the clubs, increased traffic begins. Each of the young people want muscle mass, quickly, as soon as possible, now! In addition, the wish list has a longer six pack on the stomach, low fat, vascularisation … In a word – each of them wants to look like a person with many years of experience – after just a few months of training. If you think that 100 tablets of the label or the super prohormone from allegro will turn you into a hero in a month … Well … If it was so easy, the same would be the same in the clubs, on the beaches and streets in Poland. Fast muscle mass gain – reminiscent of an attempt to build a large building at once. Quickly you can set up a tent at best, and certainly not a skyscraper. 


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If you came to the company and said that you want to build a 100-storey building in two months – you would hear – ladies, it’s impossible. People who ask about 15 kg of qualitative mass in 2 months and doping means – they can only shake their heads and say that you can not achieve it !. But of course, you will not accept this answer. You must achieve mass, now! 

So, you start your browser and read massive gains in muscle mass, a rapid increase in endurance and strength, incredibly pumping workouts … the fastest possible regeneration. It does not matter if it’s a prohormone from the USA, a super strong measure, a hit of the season, a secret recipe from American scientists, a special formula building mass. Prohormones contain substances of unknown origin. It’s a lottery game where you can only lose, usually your health. Especially preparations offered on auction sites is one big unknown. In most cases, you will buy capsules of a non-acting agent, eg filled with powdered sugar, herbs, vitamins, glucose or creatine. In the best case, the preparation will not bring any results … In the worst case (if there will be declared content) you will get many serious side effects. 



The prohormones sold on the network are often very toxic – for kidneys, liver and circulatory system, 

You can expect multiple liver markers (ALAT, ASPAT, GGTP, bilirubin), 

You can expect significant water retention, increased blood pressure, acne, changes in the nipples (gynecomastia), 

You can expect a very strong blockage of the HPTA axis – hypothalamus – pituitary gland – testicle – HPTA (hypothalamus – pituary – testis – axis) = erection problems, 

If you have not finished growing – you can expect problems with reaching the maximum height, 

As a result of using prohormone, your testes will stop producing testosterone. At the time of discontinuation of pharmacology, the body will be like a car without fuel, rolling with the rest of the momentum. It may take many months to restore the function of the testicles. It may be necessary to intervene with many doctors, including an endocrinologist and using other pharmacological agents. If you are less fortunate – your endogenous testosterone production will never return to normal.