Water is great, sugary drinks are not. Do you know exactly why?

    Nowadays we know much more about the advantages of drinking water and theoretically, nobody seems to need to be convinced of such a solution. In practice, however, many of us still reach for artificially colored drinks, cola or energy drinks. They are of little use and a lot of trouble.

    Easily digestible minerals

    Water is the healthiest drink for several reasons. If only because it contains minerals essential for our body. First of all, calcium and magnesium. There is no drink that can compete with it in this aspect. Sweetened drinks, despite frequent declarations by manufacturers that they are based on spring water, usually do not even have a specified mineral composition. In all likelihood, it can be said that they contain very little.

    Isotonic drinks, which are special drinks designed to compensate for the water and electrolytes eliminated from the body through perspiration and the addition of vitamins and mineral salts, seem to be helpful. However, they can only be consumed after an intense workout because otherwise, we can overdo it. Besides, isotonic drinks are expensive and rich in … preservatives. They are not suitable for everyday thirst-quenching.

    The situation is slightly different in the case of fruit and vegetable juices. Specialists recommend e.g. tomato juice as a great source of potassium, freshly squeezed juices from fruit and carrots – rich in vitamin C, or juices from green fruit and vegetables with cleansing properties. However, it is difficult to drink enough of them to consume the desired amount of fluids, i.e. 2-3 liters.

    Beware of sugar

    Unfortunately, most of us have to watch the number of calories we consume. And this is one of the most important arguments for choosing water. It’s enough to calculate that drinking a glass of milk in the morning, a cola at noon, a glass of juice for lunch, and a small beer after dinner, we already accumulate a thousand kilocalories. A liter of Coca-Cola contains 420 kcal and the sugar content is equivalent to 30 typical sugar cubes.

    Fruit drinks or nectars usually have 400-500 kcal per liter, and what’s worse, instead of beet sugar they are often sweetened with much cheaper glucose-fructose syrup, which, according to the latest research, is not only lethal for the figure but also promotes the development of the so-called metabolic syndrome (abdominal obesity, high blood pressure and too high levels of bad cholesterol).

    Although real juices are not artificially sweetened, they also contain a lot of calories, and above all, they are not the best thirst quencher. It is rather a form of a healthy meal.

    Pure water, as a cooling drink, can compete only with fruit and herbal teas, or strongly diluted juices, which are recommended for people watching their weight. Beware of flavored waters. Most of them resemble water only in appearance. Their composition does not differ from other sweet drinks – it contains sugar, sweeteners, and preservatives