Warming teas

Warming teas will make winter and autumn evenings more pleasant, help with the first symptoms of a cold and improve immunity. You can buy warming tea in the store or make yourself from different types of tea, spices, herbs and dried fruits. Here are recipes for warming teas not only with ginger or raspberries.

Warm tea

Warming teas are a great idea for freezing temperatures. If you are a supporter of black tea, season with aromatic additives with a warming effect. If you prefer herbal infusions, choose those that strengthen immunity. In winter, herbs that are diaphoretic and soothing cough or runny nose are also useful.

Black tea goes well with cinnamon, cloves and ginger. These spices have a warming effect, and in addition ginger relieves inflammation. It is better to add fresh ginger root to the infusions, because it has a much stronger aroma than powdered ginger. To enrich the notes of flavour, add to the tea infusion, together with spices, finely chopped and dried apple, raspberries, cranberries or black currants.

Warming teas for the winter

In winter, we like to reach for citruses, whose extremely aromatic skin enriches the taste of tea. Remember to clean and brew the fruit thoroughly before eating. Then the skin can be cut into cubes and dried.

Flavor and aromatic additives can be combined with tea – individually, in several, all together in different proportions.

The citrus peel goes well with green tea. For lovers of herbal infusions, especially recommending in the winter are blends of linden blossom, dried raspberry and rosehips, and elderberry blossom.

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You can compose any herbal infusions, just like tea infusions. Remember, however, that in order to get the best out of herbs, the brewing time must be longer than for black or green tea and is on average 10 minutes. Self-prepared brewing mixtures are not only tasty and smell beautiful, but also look effective. You can pack and decorate them, they will become a nice, aromatic gift for your loved ones.

Warming ginger tea – how to make it?

Warming green tea with lemon and ginger

Pour ingredients with water at a temperature of about 90 celsius degree (slightly cooled), brew under cover for about 5 minutes.

Idea for green tea with lemon and ginger

Warming black tea with apple and cinnamon

Pour the ingredients with boiling water and brew, covered, for about 4 minutes.

Idea for black tea with apple and cinnamon

Warming tea with linden, raspberry and honey tea

Pour lime and raspberries with boiling water, brew for 10 minutes, then season with a teaspoon of honey.

Idea for tea with raspberry