Vitamins – to take or not to take?

Should I take vitamins? This question is asked by everyone. But what are vitamins? What should we know about available vitamin supplements? Is it worth taking them at all while eating healthy? I will help you answer these questions in the following article.

  1. What are vitamins?
  2. What are the shortages?
  3. Can you overdose your vitamins?
  4. Synthetic or natural?
  5. I eat healthy, so why should I supplement?
  6. Conclusions


  1. What are vitamins?

In a nutshell, vitamins are chemicals necessary for our bodies to function properly. Most vitamins and provitamins (their precursors) are not produced in our body and we need to ensure that they are delivered with food.


  1. What are the shortages?

Many serious illnesses and diseases. A good example is the non-selection of vitamin A, which causes problems with the digestive and respiratory systems. B vitamins, which we do not supply enough, impair the proper functioning of the nervous system. Deficiencies of vitamin C seriously weaken the immune system. Deficiencies of vitamin E worsen the condition of the skin and the functioning of the whole organism. These are just a few selected examples of how dangerous vitamin deficiencies can be.


  1. Can you overdose your vitamins?

Accepting long-term considerably exceeding reasonable and doses adjusted to our lifestyle may worsen our health or even cause irreparable damage to the body. Overdose of vitamins called hypervitaminosis is the easiest in case of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K).


  1. Synthetic or natural?

Here the answer is clear. If we have a choice of vitamins derived from natural plant extracts, then we should choose them. They are more expensive, but also more natural for our body. Synthetic vitamins are created by forced chemical reactions in the laboratory. They work practically the same, but there are not enough tests to confirm their safety. If we can spend more, buy preparations of natural origin.


  1. I eat healthy, so why should I supplement?

If a person does not practice sport intensively, and feeds in a healthy and balanced way – then he does not actually need vitamin supplementation. When we play sports, our demand is growing drastically. The sportsman’s diet is strictly aimed at the chosen goal, often monotonous and poor. In such cases, vitamin supplementation is indispensable not only to impressively train – but to keep our body healthy.

It must be remembered that currently in mass-produced foods using many chemicals, the content of vitamins is much smaller than the fully natural food that was available 30/40 years ago. At present, it is difficult for an active person to provide all the micronutrients from the diet. Here, supplementation is helpful and justified.


  1. Conclusions

So what is it like to supplement vitamins or not? If you do not do sport and you eat healthily and balance, there is no need. However, when you train intensively, supplementation is not only necessary but even necessary for maintaining health and good form. One should only remember about the measure and the quantity should be adapted to the demand.