Vitamins and minerals for women

Vitamins for women are extremely important not only because of the appearance of the skin, hair and nails.Their biological cycle makes the slightly different ingredients will be important in the diet of women training.Check which vitamins are the best vitamins and minerals for women.


Vitamins and minerals for women

Vitamins for women are particularly important, because very often their deficiency depends on the aesthetics of their skin and the condition of hair and nails.

However, it should not be forgotten that the role of vitamins and minerals does not end in appearance.First of all, they are responsible for the correct nerve transmission and functioning of muscles, their regeneration after training and reducing damage to the skin and cartilage.

Vitamin deficiency leads to a number of disorders – starting from bad mood, problems with muscle mass growth and fat loss, to limiting regenerative processes and susceptibility to infections.

A deficiency of vitamins is also felt in training.Often, strength and strength are significantly reduced, and muscle fatigue increases.


Sources of vitamins and minerals for women



The best sources of vitamins are the natural ones – fruits, vegetables, high quality animal products.The easiest way to eat them is to take care of the appearance of vegetables or fruits in every meal, and also the variety of consumed vegetables to provide a wide range of vitamins. It is also a good idea to eat so-called super food, i.e. products of plant origin with an exceptionally rich composition of vitamins such as green barley, chia, and goi berries.



Typical sports vitamins for women are usually tablets with a range of vitamins and minerals in a dose similar to the daily requirement for individual ones.” They are defined as synthetic because they are created in the laboratory. Supplementation of synthetic vitamins allows to provide compounds identical to those found in nature With a small tablet, however, there are indications that artificial vitamins may be less well absorbed, so try to provide vitamins from your daily diet, and supplement your supplements as adjunctive.


The effect of vitamins and minerals on training

Vitamin-mineral preparations for women are not without reason slightly different from those intended for men. Though the substances contained in them are almost the same, women’s demand for vitamins and minerals is different from that of men, so we can find smaller doses in tablets. Women’s products often pay more attention to the supply of iron and vitamin D responsible for calcium intake (this is related to the menstrual cycle and the greater risk of osteoporosis.) What are the best vitamins and minerals for women?



The role of the hemoglobin component responsible for muscle oxygenation, builds some muscle enzymes, menstruation contributes to lowering its level.

Sources of liver, parsley, dry legume seeds, eggs, meat.



The role plays a large role in the condition of the nervous system and neurotransmission (including muscle contractions), it is a catalyst for the breakdown of glucose, is involved in the regulation of heart rhythm (especially relaxation) and stabilization of blood pressure, which is very important for trainers.

Sources of buckwheat, pumpkin seeds, spinach, soy, quinoa.


Potassium and sodium (electrolytes)

The role is responsible for regulating the osmotic pressure of cells and control their hydration and permeability of membranes, they affect the level of excitability of muscle cells.

Sources of bananas, potatoes, salt, dates, raisins.


Vitamin D

The role clearly affects the condition of the skeletal system, because it is responsible, among others, for the absorption of calcium, and supports the immune system.

Sources of synthesis due to solar radiation, greasy fish.


Vitamins from group B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12)

The role of a series of B vitamins is responsible for energetic changes (proteins, fatty acids and sugars), it affects the production of blood cells, they are necessary for the proper development of the nervous system, they reduce the production of lactic acid in the muscles.

Egg sources, whole grains, spinach, nuts, almonds, non-alcoholic beer, offal.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells against degradation, supports regeneration.

Sources vegetable oil, white cabbage, red pepper, spinach, tomatoes, parsley.


Vitamin A

Rolartan antioxidant, especially important for women due to preventing drying of the skin and improving its condition.

Sources of milk, salmon, eggs, carrots, butter, long-ripening cheese.


Vitamins and minerals in women’s training

Vitamins and minerals for active women are especially important, but you should not supplement them without being reminded. Before you decide to supplement with a specific vitamin, not a multivitamin supplement, you should consult a doctor and do blood tests to confirm the deficiency. be as harmful as their lack in the body.