Vitamin D3 reduces the level of body fat

Women who take 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day can lose almost 3 kg of body fat and gain 2 kg of lean body mass in just 12 weeks. Nutritionists from the Tehran University of Medicine have interested this subject and will soon be published in the Nutrition Journal. 


Recent studies have shown that vitamin D3 inhibits the accumulation of fat stores. One theory is that the brain receives an impulse to produce more of the neuropeptide Y when there is not enough vitamin D3 in the body. Another says that this vitamin inhibits the development of fat cells. 

Animal studies have shown that they will be able to build more lean body mass along with lowering fat levels on a diet with a positive caloric balance and with additional D3 supplementation. Other studies, this time carried out on humans, have shown that better results on a reducing diet are achieved by those who supplement D3. They also burn more energy after a meal. 



Iranian scientists collected 72 women who were overweight (BMI c. 30) on average, 38 years of age. As part of the experiment, some of them received 1000 IU of vitamin D3 daily and part of a placebo. 


During the 12-week study, the level of vitamin D3 in women’s bodies increased. They also lost an average of 2.7 kg of body fat and gained 1.8 kg of lean body mass. Women in the placebo group lost only 0.5 kg of fat and gained 0.4 kg of muscle. 

The researchers concluded that it is perfectly reasonable to continue research in this direction. Vitamin D3 seems to be a promising factor in the fight against overweight. 


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