Vitamin C affects insulin resistance?

Vitamin C has become an extremely popular means recommended by representatives of alternative medicine.It has no properties that are attributed to modern shamans.It has not been proven to treat cancer, there are large doubts or prevents colds (studies indicate that it does not, but it can shorten the duration of a cold).In one aspect, vitamin C may be necessary – chronic inflammation is associated with insulin resistance.

One study by Zhou Qing et al 1 published in the European Journal of Pharmacology examined how vitamin C is associated with insulin resistance.To understand the rest of the text, the need for a short introduction, numerous studies indicate that in obesity, patients are characterized by an elevated blood level of both pro-inflammatory cytokines (including IL-1, IL-6, TNFα) and receptors for them (m. in. IL-1Rα, TNFα-R).2

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At present, it seems that tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) may induce insulin resistance.Researchers used genetically modified mice that specifically lack the gene that induces l-gulonolactone oxidase enzyme activity.Through it, L-gulonolactone is transformed into L-ascorbic acid.3 The mice were given low doses of tumor necrosis factor alpha for 7 days.


in HepG2 cells, vitamin C reversed negative changes in glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis (by increasing the amount of GLUT2 transporter and activating the signaling pathway (IRS-1) / AKT / GSK3β,

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Vitamin C plays an important role in the prevention of insulin resistance, probably may improve insulin sensitivity.Vitamin C administration can be a treatment for metabolic disorders.


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