Visiting the friends during the diet

There are always many tempting suggestions during the diet. A friend tried a new recipe for a cake, a colleague brought delicious coffee and doughnuts to the office or a mother-in-law invites you to a home dinner… Eating in this way, we will never lose weight! So let’s find out how to politely refuse food so that others do not persuade us to do so, but also that they do not offend at the same time.

Don’t say you’re fat!

Many women explain their reluctance to eat with words  ‘I’m too fat anyway!’ Such words will not cause that a friend or family will stop feeding us by force, and may have the opposite effect. They will definitely start to worry, care more and convince you that you are not overweight! They will also probably ridicule any attempts to lose weight and dietary cooking, they will frighten you that you will fall into anorexia and other diseases. So it’s better to give them a health argument. Instead of ‘I am fat’, say ‘I have bad health results and I need to eat healthier and lose a few kilos’. Caring for your health will probably push your whole family to better care for your health, so maybe at the next family meeting, they will prepare special dietary dishes for you.

Refuse food – say what you can’t eat

When you lose weight, just mention to your family or friends what you can and cannot eat. The world will not collapse and they may understand better what your diet is all about. Just remember to provide such information in a polite manner. ‘Oh yuck! I can’t eat such greasy things! ‘ Sounds really bad. You can even present your sample menu or show a list of products that are prohibited in your diet to your close friends.

Prepare your own meals

If you are on a diet where you can eat few products, there will be no excuse and certainly, someone will try to persuade you to eat at least a piece of bacon or drink a glass of cola. If you want to avoid such situations, just prepare your meal and bring it to the party. But don’t be selfish, prepare more salads, make dietary spring rolls or other dishes in larger quantities, thanks to which all your family and friends will have the opportunity to taste what your diet tastes like.

Do not get smart up

When you’re on a diet, don’t be smart! Sagging about what you know is never welcomed. Everyone has the right to eat as they like, and since you have just gone on a diet, you have also eaten many unhealthy products before! Try to understand this and when you talk about your diet, do not persuade anyone to her, do not try to convince her that it is the best and do not try to point out their eating mistakes when you decide to refuse food yourself.

Strange excuses? – it’s easier to just refuse food

Strange excuses are not a good idea. Telling someone that you are allergic, don’t eat after 18 or something like that is just a lie! Don’t be ashamed of being on a diet, just let your friends or family members know as normal.