Tyrosine – does it really help in fight with stress?

Tyrosine is one of the dietary supplements that can be quite controversial in the subject of research and what it can actually offer. In this article I will try to show you what this supplement is, what it basically has to offer and what the various tests have finally proven exactly.

Tyrosine – basic info

Tyrosine is one of the amino acids that our body produces from phenylalanine. We will find it in products such as

  • milk products
  • meat
  • fish
  • eggs
  • bean

Tyrosine is usually used as a supplement in the case of phenylketonuria. It is an inherited disorder where a person is unable to process phenylalanine, so they can not produce tyrosine. However, this amino acid has gained special interest in what it can do for our mental performance or memory. It’s worth taking a closer look at this.

Tyrosine chemical structure
Tyrosine chemical structure

Tyrosine – health effect

There is evidence that tyrosine can affect how we act under stress. This is mainly related to how we function when stress results from low temperature or when it is very loud. In addition, it can positively affect our memory while performing several things simultaneously. Additionally, it can also help us when we did not have a chance to sleep a lot the day before.

However, there is quite a controversial issue here because it is mainly talked about using the supplement during particularly stressful situations in terms of military activities. Most of the commonly available test results are related to battle situations that can only indicate the effects of tyrosine.

This is especially important because it determines the action of the amino acid – you need a very high level of stress, which should not normally occur in everyday life. Interestingly, attempts to artificially cause such a situation did not indicate that the action of the supplement is effective. For this reason, research in this respect can be quite difficult.

However, this does not mean that tyrosine is useless. We still need more research to determine exactly how it can actually affect us and must be done in more normal conditions than only in military conditions.


We can find a lot of researches that mainly refers to how a person can feel during military actions and situations that certainly provide huge levels of stress for the body. In such situations, the effects of tyrosine are clearly visible, but there is still a great hope that the supplement may also be useful in other, lighter situations. In this matter, more tests and accurate results are needed to clarify any doubts as to what this supplement is able to do for a person who has stress problems.