Tyrosine – a natural remedy for nervous system balance

Tyrosine is one of over twenty amino acids that build muscle proteins. It acts as a specific precursor in the production of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline. In addition, it is very important for intense physical exercise and in the case of severe fatigue. L-tyrosine is an endogenous substance, which means that it is produced in the body, but it is not always possible to maintain its proper level, so supplementation may be necessary.

Who should use tyrosine?

First of all, people who train hard, as well as obese people. In addition, it will certainly be useful to all those who experience constant stress and fatigue and need to strengthen the body. In the case of a shortage of tyrosine, we should be alerted to symptoms such as worsening mood, problems with concentration and memory, hormonal changes and many other psychological issues.

Tyrosine - chemical formula
Tyrosine – chemical formula

Tyrosine – actions and benefits

Tyrosine and neurotransmitters

The action of tyrosine is based, inter alia, on the participation in the synthesis of several very important substances. These include: dopamine, adrenaline, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones and melanin. The first of these is the so-called “pleasure relay”, because it affects the improvement of mood and feeling joy, as well as memory and concentration. Adrenaline and norepinephrine, in turn, affect the response of combat and flight, allowing us to deal with stress and nervous situations in a sensible way. Thyroid hormones are necessary for proper metabolism, and melanin is a dye that gives color to our hair, skin and eyes, and also protects against harmful UV radiation. Shortages of tyrosine can be very dangerous, because they cause hypothyroidism, which not only promotes permanent fatigue and weight gain, but it can also result in hypertension or even infertility.

Tyrosine by heart

According to the research, during which 22 women were observed, it was proved that tyrosine significantly improves short-term memory. This memory is very important for concentration and adherence to the scheme of the task being performed. This substance should be supplemented, in particular, by people who work mentally on a daily basis and begin to have problems with concentrating and remembering. Interestingly, tyrosine is also able to prevent dementia and even partially reverse it.

Tyrosine for weight loss

What other properties does tyrosine have? Among other things, by regulating the concentration of neurotransmitters, it eliminates mental and physical fatigue resulting from intense exercise. It also supports the mind in situations where we feel hunger, for example with a reduction diet, during which the body initially has problems with normal, efficient functioning. It is also important to increase resistance to stress, which does a lot of damage to our body every day and contributes not only to faster aging, but also to diseases of civilization. People who lose their taste will be the fact that tyrosine suppresses the feeling of hunger and excessive appetite, making it easier to control food and thus lose weight easier.

Tyrosine – how to take?

Taking tyrosine is so easy that it is available in various forms – in powder, capsules or tablets. The recommended doses are not strictly defined, however, the use of 0.5-2 grams per day is the most optimal. You should not exceed 14 milligrams of tyrosine for every kilogram of body weight, because possible side effects resulting from overdose may lead to excessive anxiety, which is not very dangerous, as the level of this substance returns to normal within a few hours. It is worth to reach for this inconspicuous dietary supplement, to significantly improve the quality of your life and affect even better results at work or exams. The systematic use of the preparation will thus enable maintaining proper weight, eliminating constant fatigue and general well-being and increased concentration.