Types of protein supplements

Protein supplements form a large part of the preparations on the dietary supplements market, even when we take into account their extensive structure and diversity. Analyzing the fact that protein has become an absolute phenomenon among athletes, people building tissue and muscle mass, healthy and active living – we come to the conclusion that the history of spectacular effects of protein preparations is surprising. With the growing popularity of nutrients, expectations for them increased. Today we are not satisfied with poor quality and low level of performance, today we want to accept products of the highest quality and production technique. Why is it worth to supplement protein supplements?

Classification of protein supplements – how to classify them?

The case with protein supplements is not quite as obvious as it might seem to us. Protein nutrients can be divided into three main groups:

  • vegetable proteins (wheat, soy, rice, oat and corn)
  • whey proteins (isolates, concentrates, hydrolysates)
  • animal proteins

After the grouping, it is worth considering the meaning and why it happens that proteins are classified in specific groups, not in one set?

Answers should be sought in the specificity of the adaptation of individual substances in the body. When we analyze this fact in terms of which nutrient is absorbed the fastest and which gives the best results – it really makes sense. In the fastest time, protein nutrients like isolates and hydrolysates will be absorbed, while the slowest process will be in the case of casein. We can distinguish also due to the bioavailability and productivity of protein substances. Then we have to take one basic regularity – proteins of animal origin, containing egg albumin, are included in this ranking. On the other hand, the protein supplement of vegetable origin and also bovine protein hydrolysates are the worst.

Who should use protein supplements?

If every day we lead an active lifestyle, we exercise, eat healthily and use supplementation – we probably want to build strong and durable muscular bases. This is what the protein is used to create, strengthen and protect muscles, skin, bones, hair and nails. Protein supplements are the most concentrated, most-valuable form of protein that we can not find in food. Protein protein can be used immediately after training, for better and more productive regeneration, before bedtime – so that our body rests better, as well as in a situation where we are unable to consume a normal meal and we need to replace it with something. This is very important – protein supplement can replace us with a meal during the day, even for people who are intensively training, who have a really big demand for nutrients.

MZ Whey is a clinically tested protein supplement containing combination of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate
MZ Whey is a clinically tested protein supplement containing combination of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate

Remember, however, that protein supplements, although helpful, are only an addition to the diet. Muscles will not be built and their structures will not be solidly grounded when we do not use a healthy and rational diet, as well as when we do not engage in physical activity. No supplement should be overdosed, everything should be used in moderation and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, otherwise any substance that may be taken may harm us. By taking supplements in an inappropriate manner, inconsistent with the instructions, we harm our health and the whole body. We can then have a false and harmful belief that dietary supplements actually harm us. Which is an absolute untruth. In contrast to pharmacological drugs, they remain fully safe (taken appropriately) and non-invasive for our health and life.

Protein supplements – summary

Supplements not only fight deficiencies but they also nourish, regenerate and soothe. They are also a participant in the processes and changes taking place inside the body, protect and regulate the work of organs and organic systems, and build a strong immune system. Supplements, especially protein supplements, serve us really persistently, safely and positively for the functioning of the whole body.