Trenbolone, kidneys.

All agents from the SAA group may exert a greater or lesser influence on the kidneys (for example by affecting hypertension).

The worst in this respect are the agents that have an influence on estradiol, which is strongly flavoring. Hypertension is one of the most important risk factors for changes in the circulatory system, especially stroke, coronary heart disease (especially myocardial infarction) and renal failure (the second cause of end-stage renal failure after diabetes).

The situation is aggravated by many players reaching for diuretics (especially in order to obtain the final form on the stage). Incidentally, Kelvin Levrone admitted that starting in 2018 at Arnold Classic Australia, he deliberately did not obtain a super hardened (dehydrated) silhouette, for health reasons, he consulted this issue with his doctor! Diuretics have clearly been associated with toxic effects on the kidneys, e.g. the popular furosemide, thiazides. Similarly, most bodybuilders go for aspirin, believing that it has a beneficial effect on blood viscosity. 

Meanwhile, acetylsalicylic acid has an effect on adhesion, platelet aggregation and TxB2 3 thromboxane, but its effect on blood viscosity when used in standard doses is none! In addition, the sense of using aspirin should be considered if the player has hypertension and hematocrit exceeding 50%. (And the higher the hematocrit value, the greater the blood viscosity). As a rule, testosterone, anapolone or boldenone lead to a hematocrit increase of more than 50% (in the elderly the increase of the hematocrit is greater, even when using the usual testosterone enanthate at a dose of 300-600 mg per week). Aspirin is another agent that has been clearly associated with various kidney damage. However, the highest risk of nephrotoxicity is associated with the use of highly-inhibiting COX-1 NSAIDs such as ketoprofen, indometacin, acetacin, acetylsalicylic acid and piroxicam. Also, the abuse of, for example, paracetamol is unfavorable. 

Is trenbolone acetate dangerous for the kidneys?

In the cited study, Shaun Colburn et al 1, the man used testosterone and trenbolone acetate for 5 years, with small intervals. Well, tren is one of the more aggressive SAAs, its long-term use is not recommended (rather, cycles lasting a maximum of 8-10 weeks). 

The 43-year-old was diagnosed with left kidney infarction and acute kidney injury. He had high hematocrit (49.5%), elevated hemoglobin in the study. The man regularly used the antidepressant escitalopram, and it may be dangerous for the kidneys, there are few reports of acute renal failure. In addition – a renal infarction infarction that can precede a renal infarction in 30% occurs for unspecified reasons. 9 When analyzing similar cases, a number of factors that may influence the results, eg the use of other drugs, should be taken into account. 


It is true that there is no unambiguous evidence that trenbolone and testosterone are directly toxic to the kidneys, however, one should be cautious when using similar preparations (regular urine, blood, GFR, liver function tests including GGTP is a minimum). In addition, bodybuilders can recommend regular monitoring of cardiac function (static, exercise, heart echo, more advanced diagnostics in justified cases). 


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