Trec Thermo Fat Burner Max – effectively removes unnecessary fatty tissue

Fighting against unwanted fat tissue requires time and effort, a balanced diet, regular workouts, as well as adequate supplementation in the form of widely understood fat burners are necessary.Fat burners are preparations aimed at supporting processes associated with the removal of unwanted adipose tissue. They are intended for people who have struggled with extra fat tissue. Burner Max is an effective and at the same time safe fat burner.


  1. Burner Max – properties
  2. Burner Max – advantages
  3. Burner Max – an effective thermogenics
  4. Burner Max – stimulation of adrenaline and thyroxine
  5. Burner Max – a smaller appetite

Thermo Fat Burner MAX

  1. Burner Max – properties

Burner Max is a high-quality dietary supplement, created primarily for people who have taken an effective fight with extra fat tissue. The preparation is safe for health, and at the same time very effective, but it must be remembered that it must be used simultaneously with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Thanks to the right combination of the highest quality ingredients, Burner Max effectively removes unwanted fat.The supplement contains mainly plant extracts, rich in bioactive components.A special function is green coffee extract, extract of green and white tea – these are the ingredients that significantly increase the metabolic rate, support slimming and effectively strengthen the body burdened with significant physical and mental effort.

In addition, Burner Max contains L-carnitine and chromium, or ingredients that contribute to minimizing hunger, suppress appetite and reduce appetite.

  1. Burner Max – advantages

Burner Max is a dietary supplement that has many advantages – first of all it optimally speeds up the metabolism and increases the rate of burning calories.

The product is recommended primarily to people who intend to lose weight permanently and effectively, as well as bodybuilders in the period of shaping muscle sculpture, endurance athletes, as well as all physically active people during intensive training.

  1. Burner Max – an effective thermogenics

Dietary supplement Burner Max is an effective and safe thermogenics at the same time, i.e. a fat burner.Processes associated with fat burning require huge energy inputs, so the body begins to use the energy resources accumulated in the reserves of adipose tissue.Max Burner intensifies thermogenesis by stimulating the most important hormones responsible for this process, i.e. adrenaline and thyroxine.

The Burner Max supplement enables stimulation of energy-consuming processes, engages the adipose tissue in them both during intense training effort and every other everyday activity.

  1. Burner Max – stimulation of adrenaline and thyroxine

The Burner Max supplement contains a significant amount of caffeine from natural sources, such as green coffee extracts, green and white tea, cocoa seeds and guarana. Caffeine, as it is known, is a natural plant alkaloid whose aim is to maintain a high level of heat-generating adrenaline.  Due to the naringenine content, the caffeine effect is significantly extended.

The green tea extract, which also deactivates the enzymes responsible for the digestion of carbohydrates and fats, also has a very important function.

The advantage of the Burner Max supplement is also a beneficial effect on thyroid function, and more specifically, stimulation of the thyroxine hormone, which has a decisive influence on the overall rate of metabolic transformation.Deficiency of this hormone can contribute to the formation of unwanted adipose tissue.

  1. Burner Max – a smaller appetite

The main enemy in the fight against supplementary kilograms and fat tissue is an unrestrained appetite.The Burner Max supplement stimulates important processes related to heat production and at the same time contributes to lowering the appetite.

The reduction of appetite is additionally influenced by green coffee extract and black pepper, which are found in the preparation – reduces the absorption of sugars, and in combination with chromium has a positive effect on glycemic stabilization, which is important in reducing the synthesis of new adipose tissue.

The beneficial effect on the processes associated with fat burning is shown in the supplement L-carnitine in the form of tartrate – this component makes the fat is involved in the changes taking place in the body even during a small effort.


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