Training plan for mass

In fact, training plan focused on mass is of little importance, because building muscle mass depends mostly on diet, not on the type of training used. 


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The strength session itself remains a small complement to what you do in the kitchen. If you do not understand this issue – you end your adventure with the gym with a great disappointment. I know a lot of people who supplement their workout with dozens of supplements and nutrients. The problem is that you start to build a house from the roof, without the foundations of what food is. Also, heavy hypertrophic training will make your energy demand increase significantly. It does not mean that you only need protein – usually the blockage of growth results from insufficient supply of carbohydrates and fats! Inappropriate diet is the first and most important reason why you do not have gym effects! 


Table of contents \ n1. An example of training from westside barell \ n2. Example of training according to the FBW \ n3 model. Supplementation for mass 

Of course, in mass training, you must apply 

If you want to build muscle mass, first of all take care of the supply of protein, carbohydrates and fats, for example, deliver 

The whole is supplemented with vegetables, grated and calorifically included in the daily balance. 


Training with a mass target (muscle hypertrophy) should have the following parameters 



This can be, for example, a type of training offered by the westside barbell school. 

Monday – ME is the top of the body 

Exercise ME – we reach the maximum of a series of 3-5 repetitions 

– floor press 4-8 series x 3-5 repetitions or classic barbell pressing (same principle) 

– pull on the bar with a neutral grip, snap or grappling 4-6 x 4-8 repetitions. 

Exercises – 2 x max in one of these exercises (load that will allow you to perform 15-20 repetitions in 1 series, in the second you use the same as in the first. Break 3-4 minutes) 


Tuesday – Dynamic Effort – down the body 

Jump training 


choose 1 exercise and make 2-3 series x 8-10 reps. 


Thursday – Repetition – body top 

Group 1 

make 3 superseries 

Group 1 

Friday – ME – bottom of the body 

Exercise ME 

The training according to the FBW model will also work out 

and so on. 

If you react badly to the range of 5 repetitions, use the FBW 5-10-15 model, eg in the form 


Training A (MONDAY) 



Training B (WEDNESDAY) 



TRAINING A (FRIDAY, same as on Monday, with modification) 



As a rule, in weight training, excessive aerobic work should be limited (running, swimming) – because it can interfere with muscle growth, slow down and disrupt eg muscle regeneration.