Training myths – what you should not believe in

Lifting weights leads to a clumsy appearance.

Are you avoiding intensive weight training? Are you afraid that this type of training will give you a pile of muscles instead of a slim, athletic figure? It’s high time to explain to you that you are wrong and to tell you why.

When it comes to increasing muscle mass, a very important factor is high testosterone levels. This hormone is found in much higher concentrations in men than in women (there is a 20-30 times higher concentration of it in men). This makes it impossible for women to acquire such a powerful musculature. However, if you actually want to look like Strongman you need to exercise much longer and harder than the average woman. Acquiring such a physique is usually related to hormonal imbalances that occur genetically or are caused by taking steroids.

Strength training among women is actually a good way to lose excessive fat tissue and maintain a slim, athletic figure. If you prefer endurance sports such as cycling, you can easily preserve your muscles and your metabolism will not slow down if you undertake strength training alongside it.

A hot bath prevents muscle soreness.

This is not entirely true. Yes, a bath can somewhat relieve muscle soreness, but for this purpose, you should choose cold water. This is equivalent to putting ice on the sore body. During a workout, blood vessels are opened much wider and remain in this state for at least an hour after the workout. The pain is actually caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. If you use a cool bath immediately after your workout, you will constrict the blood vessels to their previous form, the amount of lactic acid deposited will be reduced, and thus you will reduce muscle pain.