Toxic world – how to protect yourself from a toxic environment?

Toxins surround you from all sides. And even if you know what can they do to you, you can’t completely defend against them. You supply them even with inhaled air. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce their amount in the body and effectively prevent their harmful effects.

Unhealthy moulds

Many people, seeing the overripe fruit or small mould accumulated on the surface of the jam, reject what is clearly unhealthy, and eat the rest calmly. The same applies to sheepskin coats on cream, tomato puree or juices. It seems to us that when we remove the mould, the rest, when it tastes and smells normal, is healthy and completely safe.

Sorry, but it is completely wrong. Moulds also produce mycotoxins, one of the most dangerous compounds for the human body. They not only cause poisoning but also cause allergies, respiratory, nervous, digestive or immune diseases. They also impair the liver.

Watch out for toxins in nuts and dried fruits

If you love nuts or dried fruit, you need to be very careful about where they come from. Very often they are the source of toxins known as aflatoxins. Reaching for products from proven producers who adhere to production standards, you can be sure that you do not poison your body. Aflatoxins are compounds that not only cause short-term intoxication but also interfere with DNA, which leads to the formation of cancer cells.

Toxins are not only found in food

We often deliver toxins to our body along with food. And it’s not just products that have mould, but also highly processed foods or products that contain large amounts of preservatives. We often choose them unknowingly. And sometimes consciously, because we do not want to cook, or a given product is simply cheaper than the ecological one. But it’s not just food that has toxins. Plenty of them can also be found in the inhaled air full of exhaust fumes, as well as in alcohol or cigarettes.

The fight of our body

Fortunately, the body has been constructed so that it neutralizes and removes harmful substances by itself. It does this through the digestive, respiratory, urinary and skin systems. Unless the amount of toxins supplied exceeds its natural capacity. However, if we lead a healthy lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, take care of sleep, we are physically active – our body should perfectly cope with detoxification on its own. By removing toxins, it protects us against the risk of many dangerous diseases.

Support your body

Once you know how dangerous toxins in your body can be for you, support it!. For example through simple activities or habits, and after some time you will notice yourself that you feel better, you have more energy and more willingness to act. You already know that you must avoid toxic foods. Therefore, when choosing products in the store, bet on those that have a short shelf life.

Why? Because it means that they have not been artificially preserved and are closest to nature. In addition, remember the basic principles of hygiene such as hand washing and washing vegetables and fruits. And if you suspect that the fruit has been smeared on top to peel more beautifully, peel it off. Also, do not use aluminium foil and use water filters.

Fight toxins with physical activity

And not just because during it metabolism works better and it is easier to maintain a slim figure. The more you move, the more sweat you pour out. With it, toxins are also flushed out of your body. And you don’t have to be a competitive athlete. You don’t even have to bother at the gym if you don’t like it. All you need is a half-hour walk at a faster pace.

You don’t need much to effectively care for your body in a world full of chemistry and toxins. It is enough to lead a healthy lifestyle and develop healthy habits. Then he will calmly handle the residual toxins and allow us to enjoy proper health.