Thigh circumference and mortality

I know that the following report sounds like a April Fool’s joke, but scientists Berit L Heitmann, Peder Frederiksen et al. Are not kidding at all. 


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1436 men and 1380 women took part in the Danish MONICA project. In 1987/88 measurements of height, weight, thigh circumference, hip and waist circumference as well as body composition were made using the BMI method. The risk for cardiovascular events and coronary heart disease in 10 years and the overall risk of death within 12.5 years was measured and calculated. 

The small thigh circumference was associated with a greater number of cardiovascular events, cases of coronary artery disease and total mortality in both men and women. The biggest risk was associated with having a thigh less than 60 cm in the perimeter. Above this limit there were no significant benefits from having larger thigh circumferences. 

Correlations occurred independent of visceral and general obesity, lifestyle and risk factors of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension or abnormal lipidogram. 

Specifically, the thresholds are as follows 

It should be added that the scientists were dealing with quite thick people, which explains “cosmic circuits of the thigh in relation to women (68 cm). Men wore from 13.9% to 35.8% fat, and women from 19 to 46%! For comparison, trained athletes are men (<10%) and women (<15%) respectively. Men had from 46.5 to 63 cm thigh circumference, in turn ladies from 44 to 66.5 cm in circumference. Proposal? Train your legs, it’s healthy for the heart! 


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