The protein itself after training is better than protein with carbohydrates

Bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and strength athletes have long benefited from the benefits of whey proteins (WPH whey protein hydrolysates, whey protein isolates, WPC whey protein concentrates).For many years, it was said that after the workout, it is best to combine proteins with carbohydrates.Meanwhile, research indicates that glycogen regeneration is not needed at all, because firstly its loss in a typical strength training is small, and secondly, the synthesis of muscle proteins does not depend on the level of glycogen in the body.

Whey Protein Complex 100%

The study of Finnish scientists 1 includes observations for 12 weeks and was published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.78 men took part in it (68 men completed the study).They did not have much experience in strength training, they used a similar diet and the same training plan (one hypertrophic session, the other the typical maximum effort, hard athletic training, the third mixed).

After training, they received a drink containing


The administration of protein reduced the total amount of fat in the body (by 6%) and the amount of fat in the trunk (by 8%), whereas in the group administered carbohydrates alone there was no reduction in fat.Thus, lean body mass increased by ~ 2.5% in the whey protein group, and only by ~ 0.5% in the group in which maltodextrins were administered.


Increases in lean body mass

Conclusion The same whey protein proteins in the form of concentrate (WPC) contribute to greater increases in muscle mass and fat loss in untrained men.It should be added that the recomposition in this case is negligible, because what it is to build 1.2 kg of weight and get rid of 1.4 kg of fat (for 3 months of work).The group of carbohydrates did not get rid of fat tissue, because they supplied the most energy there from all groups (146.5 ± 8.4 kj / kg or ~ 2850 kcal per day), in the protein group only ~ 2484 kcal per day.In addition, in all groups the supply of protein was negligible, paradoxically the highest (1.7 g / kg body mass) in the group which after the training received carbohydrates.As you can see, not only the overall supply of protein is important, but also the time of its receipt.


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