The most popular Bro myths!

1. Bro myth- Protein bars are cool

“After-training reward.Mmm”

Protein sweets can be a source of additional proteins, additional ones, not be their main source. First of all, it’s about the composition of a given product.We are interested in high quality protein (whey, soy) and a small amount of sugar,


2. Bro myth- Anabolic window

“Fast!Mix this protein!”

How does it end up with this notorious anabolic window? In the case of a trained person who has some reserves of muscle glycogen, this particularly beneficial period after training can last up to several hours.If, however, we are dealing with a fledgling adept of strength sports, we should talk about 30-40 minutes after training,


3. Bro myth- More protein = more muscle

“Have you ever tried to sprinkle chicken with isolate?”

Recently, scientists have reduced the number of grams of protein needed by the body to build muscle mass quite enough.Currently, it is said to be 1.5-2 g per kilogram of body weight.The additional rest will be converted into energy


4. Bro myth- The last repetition is the most important

“Arnie himself said so”

No exaggeration.” Every repetition is important and must be done with proper commitment and correct technique.The latter takes on value when we have to meet the training assumptions, realize a certain volume


5. Bro myth- Exercise in the evening

“I read that after dinner you are stronger by 160%”

The maximum release of testosterone and cortisol is in the morning hours, growth hormone and the first two hours of sleep.In fact, some research results indicated that athletes achieved slightly better results in the afternoon, but this depends on adaptation.If we’re planning to start in a competition, it’s best to train at the time this competition will take place


6. Bro myth- Testosterone = muscles

“Naturally, even the grass does not grow!”

Apart from one of the crotch muscles (bulb-spongiosa), which disappears in the absence of testosterone, the size or strength of muscles depend on many factors.Growth hormone is important because he also has an anabolic effect on the muscles.It is essential that the level of natural testosterone is optimal, because both excess and deficiency of this hormone have an adverse effect on the body


7. Bro myth- Until muscle fall

“Do as much as you can, then five more.Well, now the dropset”

It all depends on the training context.” If we work on muscular strength, the fall exercise will not be a good solution, because we affect the nervous system, not the muscular one.Muscle fall will soon be used in bodybuilding training, when we want to bring the muscles to exhaustion.This method can check if the progress stagnates.