The more tired I am, the harder I fall asleep Why? What can I do to change it?

The reasons for insomnia can be many – here are the most common reasons and ways to deal with them like a guy

It is widely believed that tired people fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply. The above rule is certainly true for healthy people who work with mental workers. “They are burdened with stress, work in a hurry, and spend many hours in front of the computer screen.Therefore, they experience fatigue in which stress overload, stimuli and tension predominate, “explains Paweł Brudkiewicz, a specialist in psychiatry, a psychotherapist from the Center of Good Therapy

He adds that in the evening, when it gets dark and quiet, the tensions collected all day come back to us and the mind is full of thoughts about the passing day, but also what awaits us tomorrow.In such condition it is difficult to calm down and allow for physiological slowing brain activity and good sleep. Working late into the day also raises brain activity levels, which makes it difficult to fall asleep.Another common mistake is to use electronics at bedtime and, for example, watching movies on a computer.Exhaustive training before bedtime is also not recommended, because it overstimulates the body, says Dr. Brudkiewicz.

He also emphasizes that” extorting “sleep deprives him of sleepiness.While falling asleep, we should calm down, stop thinking.Although, when I have a more and more obtrusive idea I have to fall asleep to be rested tomorrow, brain activity increases and falling asleep can be even more difficult, so allow yourself an hour of relaxation before bedtime. If that does not help, go to a specialist and ask for help.

Falling asleep smoothly

With patents, your nightmare and torment with falling asleep will end. Have a nice dream!


1. Lower the temperature in the bedroom

Turn the radiator, turn on the air conditioning or open the window. The optimal temperature for sleep is 15-20 ° C.


2. Take the tablet

Regular consumption of magnesium reduces cortisol levels, relaxes tense muscles and soothes the nervous system.


3. Eat carbohydrates

For dinner, eat a carbohydrate-rich meal – help you relax and fall asleep.