The main principles of healthy weight loss

Excessive kilograms of weight, regardless of whether there are just several or much more – it’s a necessity to take up the fight, i.e. bring your own body to specific weight parameters. Nearly every woman wants to be slim, while in the same time they don’t want to use draconian diets. Unfortunately, nature often has other plans, which is why – in order to achieve the desired effects – it is necessary to introduce a proper diet supplemented with physical activity. How to start effective slimming?

Why to keep a weight loss diary?

Most women choose to use the help of an experienced dietitian. Certainly, this is the most effective way of preparation to lose weight – the dietitian will optimally adapt the daily diet to the concrete needs of the person.

It is also worth making up a diet diary – if you are able to do one. Generally speaking, this is a private diary, in which we will list products that were on our menu on a given day with related calculations of the calories consumed.

At this point, the question arises whether the amount of calories affects weight loss? Of course it does!

However, keep in mind that this is not the only factor. A person who leads an active lifestyle can afford much more calories than an office worker who spends most of the day in front of the computer. In practice, this means that there is no such thing as an universal diet, which is why it is worth and even necessary to consult your own weight loss plans with a specialist in this particular field.

Slimming – what can a dietitian do?

The dietitian not only indicates the optimal diet, i.e. products that a person should eat during the day or week, but also motivates to action, encourages and supports in this – not necessarily easy – journey, which is slimming. 

Each organism is different, and thus has different nutritional needs. Not without significance is our metabolism, which largely depends on whether and how much weight we lose.

Best tips for losing weight
Best tips for losing weight

It is indisputable that you should eat rationally and regularly, avoiding snacking between meals. Breakfast is very important, as it provides energy for the whole day. Many people skip this meal, explaining the haste and fast pace of life. Unfortunately, this is a mistake. According to nutritionists, breakfast regulates the work of our digestive system, mobilizing the body to function properly.

The aforementioned slimming diary, in which we can record the meal time and the composition and caloric content of consumed products, turns out to be an excellent solution in this matter. More importantly, in the diary we can also note the plans for the next days – it is best to discuss with the dietitian a weekly slimming plan and verify the implementation of individual points each day.

Physical activity and slimming

Physical activity is also important. Daily walk from home to the parking lot or even a walk with the dog could prove to be insufficient. Your diet should be supported by appropriate exercises – it’s best to sign up for a fitness or gym.

Regular workouts, at least two or three times a week, will accelerate weight loss and perfectly complement the effects of the diet, shaping and sculpting the figure. Thanks to this we will get a flat stomach and firm buttocks. The folds around the lower abdomen and unsightly sides disappear.

The effects of diet and exercise will also affect our body, especially the heart, which will start to work steadily and will allow you to climb stairs to the fourth floor without breathlessness!