The influence of SAA on menstrual cycle in women.

Many training women are eager to use more orrogenic anabolic-androgenic steroids. Such treatment affects LH, FSH, ovulation and length of the menstrual cycle. 


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It turned out that the administration of androgens in the early phase of the follicular cycle inhibits ovulation and usually contributes to the prolongation of the menstrual cycle. However, administration of the same agents from day 10 of the cycle did not prevent ovulation, however progesterone levels were strongly suppressed. 

Administration of androgens after ovulation suppressed the amount of progesterone from 50 to 80% and shortened the menstrual cycle from 6 to 8 days. This is most likely due to the inhibition of LH in women if androgens are given at the beginning of the menstrual cycle and also by the suppression of progesterone production (if androgens are administered from the middle of the menstrual cycle).

Of course, every anabolic agent has a different effect on the endocrine system, moreover, the dosage, the age of the woman, her physical activity, degreasing, etc. are important.