The effect of l-cysteine ​​on health

On many websites, there is a campaign for bread in which the l-cysteine ​​is to be found. Consider whether adding this amino acid to bread is actually so harmful. L-cysteine ​​belongs to amino acids with a side chain containing sulfur atoms. 

In addition, we know that it does not have to be provided with food. It is made of methionine. 

Methionine => homocysteine ​​(transmethylation) 

Homocysteine ​​+ 1-serine (transsulfuration) => L-cysteine ​​+ 1-homoserine 

The SH (thiol) group is responsible for the high reactivity of l-cysteine ​​and is associated with many functions of the amino acid in the human body. L-cysteine ​​forms disulphide bridges with a covalent bond. It turned out that l-cysteine ​​has found a wide application in medicine, food production, cosmetics, etc. 

Applications of l-cysteine 

In addition, l-cysteine ​​has been used in HIV therapy, liver cirrhosis, ulcer therapy or restoring the immune system after intensive resistance exercise. In addition, l-cysteine ​​has antioxidant, chelating and flavoring properties that may be useful in the food industry. Is panic related to the addition of l-cysteine ​​to the bread justified? Nothing indicates it. 


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