The bodybuilder almost lost his testicles by … hCG.

HCG was discovered in 1920 2, has been approved for use in the US since March 5, 1973.  hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) – chorionic gonadotropin – its effect is very similar to LH (luteinizing hormone). As a result, hCG in men stimulates the secretion of androgens, in particular testosterone in Leydig cells. 

Physiologically, hCG arises during pregnancy in the placenta. Interestingly – the only hormone that has the ability to stimulate the FSH receptor is … FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). hCG is one of the most commonly used preparations that allow restoring the functioning of the testicles after the cycle, for example on anabolic-androgenic steroids, prohormones, etc. 

Testicular cancer accounts for 1% of all malignancies in men, the incidence of this cancer has doubled in the last twenty years, and a total survival of 5 years is around 99%. Urologists and oncologists involved in testicular cancer are in charge of detailed supervision of patients who have had a similar disorder. It is checked for metastases and markers such as alpha-fetoprotein and beta hCG are monitored. Case report 1 refers to a man who had a false positive hCG beta result due to the use of hCG. 26 years old lost his left testicle due to cancer. In addition to surgical intervention, he also received radiotherapy (17 cycles, 25 Gy in total). Five years after the operation during the routine examination, it turned out that the concentration of beta-hCG in the patient is 28.5 mIU / mL (and should be 1.0 – 5.3 mIU / mL). Fortunately, the man went to his head and admitted that he had used nandrolone in the previous year, and now takes hCG to minimize the effects of discontinuation of nortestosterone. If it was not for sincerity, he probably would have undergone surgery and maybe another radiotherapy. Elevated levels of hCG can be found in both germ cell tumors (15-20%) and non-seminomas (40-60%). In seminomas, the gonadotropin is secreted by syncytiotrophoblast cells present in the tumor mass, and in non-seminomas, primarily by the chorionarcinoma and carcinoma embryonale components.

Unfortunately, it happens that hCG secrete other malignant changes such as the digestive system (gastro-intestinal), head and neck cancer, located in the stomach (eg stomach cancer), hepatobiliary, liver, pancreas, genitourinary system , kidneys, bladder (cancer of the urinary bladder), breasts, neuroendocrine tumors, and in the case of women also trophoblast tumors, cervical and endometrial cancers. A false hCG beta test result due to cannabis smoking is very likely, as reported by Polish scientists. In general, the case described in Poland is similar. The man (29-year-old) in January 2013 lost his left testicle, he was diagnosed with mixed embryonic cancer. On 15.10.2013, the patient volunteered for another follow-up visit. The b-hCG subunit concentration value was 26.75 IU, concentration of AFP and LDH did not exceed the upper limit of normal. … Fortunately, the man confessed to smoking marijuana, because chemotherapy was about to begin! People who regularly use cannabinoids often have gynecomastia. This phenomenon is explained by the chemical similarity of estradiol and the marijuana component – tetrahydrocannabinol delta. The mechanism of the false positive hCG beta marker in a marijuana smoker has not yet been clarified.


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