The amount of food that will allow you to lose weight!

You can hardly find any woman who has never slimmed down at least once in her life. We lose weight after pregnancy, due to stress-related to a new job, a desire to please the partner and for ourselves. From all sides, however, we are bombarded by conflicting information about how much to eat to lose weight. On the one hand, we hear about a strict miracle diet, and others say that we should eat everything that we want but in smaller quantities.

Where lies the truth?

As in most cases of this kind, the truth lies exactly in the middle – how much to eat, how many calories are right to lose weight depends largely on the woman’s body, age and lifestyle. For this reason, all miracle diets with a clearly limited menu will not work well for all of us, while in part they will significantly worsen health, and in most cases will cause the yo-yo effect. Let’s check how much to eat to lose weight permanently and without sacrifices.

Evaluate calories

If counting calories from each meal deprives you of your desire to eat, verify your knowledge of what affects the caloric content of a meal.

First of all, each of us leads a different life, we differ in the type of work we do, the amount of physical activity, metabolism, age, height, weight, and finally genetic conditions and specific medical diseases. For this reason, the caloric demand of each of us is different. To determine it, you can use special calculators or use the help of a dietitian who will professionally assess your caloric needs. Why, however, is the number of calories important and you should not apply diets strictly and suddenly limiting it?

The body uses about 70-90% of calories for functioning. This means that this amount of calories will be used for the proper functioning of all internal organs, energy supply, physical and mental efforts and processes of our metabolic processes. For this reason, to lose weight, but not to cause the yo-yo effect and stay healthy, you should consume up to 30% fewer calories than the calculated recommended intake. This will allow you to reduce weight while maintaining good condition without side effects of slimming down.

What to avoid during a diet?

If you already know how many calories to eat to lose weight, you still need to know what to avoid in your diet. First of all, it is worth giving up fasting – although it’s considered positively for the body, they should always be carried out under the care of a specialist. This applies especially to those of us who suffer from chronic diseases, have digestive problems or work intensively.

Also, do not rely on various laxatives; as a natural stimulant of the digestive system, the fibre contained in fruits and vegetables, which you eat at least 5 servings a day, will work well. Fibre also reduces hunger and removes all toxins from the body.

If you lack energy, do not reach for sweets – you better choose nuts, fruits, vegetables or porridge, which will increase complex carbohydrates intake, which is used gradually by the body. Instead of coffee and black tea, drink water, herbal infusions and green or red tea, which additionally stimulate metabolism and support weight loss. Also, be sure to combine your diet with physical activity – you won’t do much without it!