The 6 most important post-workout supplements

Strength training for the body is the moment when we introduce our body into the increased possibilities of collecting energy substrates, which in turn is a good opportunity to take advantage of extensively developed supplementation. The right mix of supplements is a great way to boost your metabolism, allow your muscles to regenerate faster and speed up protein synthesis.

We present a list of 6 supplements that you can apply after training, so that your effort is supported additionally nourishing, and not just strictly effortlessly.

1. Whey protein (WPC / WPI)

The use of whey-based proteins is an optimal option as a way of providing high-quality proteins, easily digestible and also rich in EAA amino acids, including BCAA. Administration in the form of a sheikh means that virtually 45 minutes after ingestion, amino acids in proteins start circulating in the bloodstream. About 30 g of whey protein is enough to give us the first injection of proteins after training.

2. Casein protein

Although casein protein is considered to be slower digested than the classical WPC, its use of WPC after exercise may bring additional benefits. Casein stimulates anabolism a little more, hence its appearance after training will be an additional nutritional advantage for our muscles. If we decide to use the addition of casein to a portion of whey protein, the amount of 15 g will be enough. On the market we can also meet mixtures of WPC protein with casein, which will work perfectly and after training, as well as during the day.
Micellar Casein

3. Leucine

The use of leucine after training is associated with the effect of the so-called leucine threshold. The definition itself refers to the use of a dose of leucine, which will determine whether the metabolic pathways responsible for stimulating anabolism will be started at all. Without the right amount of leucine it is not possible to build muscle mass, which needs to be written clearly. If we use protein supplement, a dose of about 2-3 g of additional leucine is enough. If it is to be a solo dose of about 5-6 g leucine, then we use it after training, before eating a meal.

4. Carbo

The period after training is the right moment to accept carbohydrates in this type of form. Carbo along with the appropriate protein composition has a much better effect on the rate of regeneration. It also supports the release of insulin, which in turn translates into improved transport of ingested nutrients, or additional components of our post-exercise supplementation. The amount of about 30-60 g of carbo will be the optimal amount.

5. Creatine

It is a substance that could not be missing in the bodybuilding supplementation menu. Creatine affects a number of biochemical processes in our body. It is responsible not only for energy functions related to ATP resynthesis, but also for the storage of glycogen by up to 20%. Hence it is a great addition during the carbohydrate loading phase, which we are able to use much more. Creatine is an essential addition to any training person who thinks seriously about his figure. A dose of about 5 g after strength training is enough to get a positive effect.
Creatine Beta-Alanine

6. Beta-alanine

Beta-alanine is now the same frequently mentioned in the context of post-workout supplementation as well as the aforementioned creatine. All because of the fact that both supplements show a synergistic effect, and therefore complement each other in their function. Beta-alanine raises the level of carnosine in the muscles, thanks to which the body gets rid of hydrogen ions faster, which on the other hand supports the regeneration effect. The dose of beta-alanine is 3 g after exercise.

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