Testosterone enanthate, and kidney function.

Anabolic androgenic steroids are associated with kidney damage, but mainly indirectly through the effect on hypertension. 

Medical documents (blood test, prescription and medical questionnaire) with a stethoscope on Xray photo of lungs 

In one study for 8 weeks, twice a week, rats were given testosterone enanthate at a dose of 20 mg / kg (a huge equivalent to giving 2 g of testosterone to 100 kg of a man). One of the groups was training, the other one was training and getting testosterone, the third one was only getting testosterone, the fourth one was functioning as a control. The training was climbing the ladder of 5 repetitions in 3 series. 

As a result, after 8 weeks, serum creatinine concentration was significantly higher in the training group, paradoxically higher even than in the testosterone enanthate + workout group and only the TE group. Researchers concluded that testosterone enanthate has no effect on kidney function, even at a gigantic dose of 4 g testosterone per week. 


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