Swanson – a collection of information about the company and products offered by it

Swanson is one of the largest supplementation companies around the world. Its main assumption is the highest quality of offered products at the lowest possible price.Manufacturers ensure that the best interests of customers are in the first place.The company has been operating on the market for almost 50 years, and its founder is Leland Swanson, where also the name of the company. Nearly 440 products are available in the Polish offer, which aim to improve the functioning of the body, health and appearance.What is the history of the Swanson company? What products does it offer?Where are the supplements offered?


  1. Information about Swanson
  2. Offered products
  3. Cooperation
  4. Where to buy Swanson products?
  5. Opinions about the Swanson company


  1. Information about Swanson

The Swanson company was founded in 1969 by Leland Swanson.This man was affected by arthritis and despite the efforts of many doctors his condition did not improve.Due to the fact that Leland was a knowledge-hungry person, he decided to delve deeper into the subject of his illness.He also began to read scientific publications and books on the impact of diet on the state of human health.The knowledge he drew was tested on himself.In this way he accepted various dietary supplements in various doses.As a 50-year-old man, Swanson ordered so many different types of supplements that he began to think about placing wholesale orders.She was mainly driven by the desire to have health supplements always at hand.

So in his mind the idea that he decided to implement was born. He ordered nearly 5,000 vitamin E capsules from a producer in Ohio and began selling supplements with delivery to the customer. Shortlyafter this incident, Leland decided to order other supplements and medicinal products, collected them in a catalog and sent them to potential customers.When it turned out that the idea was accurate and customers started to order supplements in increasing quantities, the man named his company Swanson Health Products. Leland also committed to providing dietary supplements characterized by the highest quality and the lowest possible price.It is these principles that are the fundamental premise of Swanson’s company.

The offered products are therefore intended for people who want to influence the functioning of their body and focus their attention on health. The company was founded by a man who wanted to give people what is best for them, which continues to dream, reaching millions of people around the world.

  1. Offered products

The products offered by Swanson are very different.All of them, however, aim to bring as many benefits to human health as possible.The products available for online sales are, among others

  • – stevia,
  • – amino acids,
  • – vitamins,
  • – antioxidants,
  • – preparations for special use for men,
  • – enzymes,
  • – Mushrooms,
  • – minerals,
  • – various types of tea,
  • – essential unsaturated fatty acids (EFAs),
  • – preparations to facilitate slimming,
  • – preparations to maintain weight,
  • – natural preparations that add energy and vitality,
  • – preparations intended to strengthen immunity,
  • – probiotics,
  • – prebiotics,
  • – macrobiotics,
  • – cosmetic products,
  • – herbal preparations,
  • – preparations intended to strengthen the functioning of joints,
  • – preparations that improve the functioning of the circulatory system,
  • – preparations that improve the functioning of the urinary tract,
  • – preparations that improve the functioning of the nervous system,
  • – preparations improving the functioning of the digestive system,
  • – preparations that improve vision,
  • – so-called green food, including chlorella or spirulina.
  1. Cooperation

Swanson cooperates with many supplement manufacturers, among others

  • – Ajinomoto,
  • – Zanthin,
  • – Aker BIOMARINE,
  • – Kyoto.

On the Polish website of the Swanson company, we can get acquainted with the details related to the chosen supplement. Among other things, we can find there useful information about the dosage, composition and health properties.

  1. Where to buy Swanson products?

Currently, online shopping is considered the easiest. Swanson has its own Polish website where you can place orders.It is very transparent, and each of the categories selected by us is described in detail. Most products also include weight, price and information on the current availability of the article. Interestingly, it is also possible to order products whose expiration date is coming to an end. Such supplements are sold at promotional prices, however, to get access to such a product, e-mail information is necessary. However, it is not possible to order promotional supplements in a standard way using the website.

In addition to online sales, it is also possible to buy supplements in stationary stores. The website provides a list of cities, streets and names of stores / pharmacies in which interesting products are available. These points are very widespread, for example in Cracow you can find up to a dozen or so points in which Swanson supplements are available.

  1. Opinions about the Swanson company

Opinions about Swanson supplements are rather flattering. The fact that the company operates on the basis of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) or Good Manufacturing Practice is particularly beneficial.Therefore, the company adheres to strictly defined rules regarding production, packaging and storage methods, which is aimed at maintaining the appropriate level of quality of all available products.The vast majority of customers confirm that the supplements offered are of very high quality, while the products available have a carefully selected composition.


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